Gamestop announces plans to have a limited supply of Nintendo Switch consoles available in their stores on launch day for walk-in customers to potentially snag.

Those still looking for a Nintendo Switch have just gotten another opportunity. GameStop says its US stores will carry a “limited supply” of systems for purchase on Nintendo Switch‘s launch day, March 3.

GameSpot reports that GameStop merchandising director Bub Puzon announced these plans in a statement released today. Interestingly enough, he also made a recommendation to those seeking the elusive console.

We will have a limited supply of the Nintendo Switch systems on launch day for walk-in customers. Our teams made this happen. I would strongly suggest customers plan on attending one of our midnight launch events for a shot at securing one of these extra units. They will go fast!

nintendo switch breath of the wild

Those who want the best chance at a Switch will need to attend one of the retailer’s various midnight launches, where they will likely be met with long lines of tired gamers. Even then, they are not guaranteed their quarry.

The Switch is going for $300 on its own, with no pack-in games, much to people’s chagrin. While it’s certainly a surprise, it’s also a departure from tradition, as every previous Nintendo console included at least one game.

GameStop created a few Switch bundles of its own, such as a Starter Bundle that comes with the console, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the WildHas-Been Heroes, and 1-2-Switch for $438. However, as some fans might have guessed, they are all currently unavailable for purchase, as pretty much every console sold out a short time after pre-orders began.


Despite this, Nintendo says it is confident in the supply available at launch. Many disagree, and see it as a business tactic to make a product appear more rare than it actually should be. Nintendo is notorious for never quite nailing the correct number of consoles to produce for their launches, often frustrating gamers who are very vocal about their willingness to fork over their money. The NES Classic sold out ridiculously fast, leaving many would-be buyers empty-handed. Now the issue seems to be affecting the Switch.

Luckily – or maybe not so lucky for those who wanted to pre-order the Switch – GameStop appears to have held on to a bit of their stock so folks can get a system on launch day. It will be a madhouse, but it’s the best chance for those desperate for a Switch. Anyone feeling confident in their attempt can register for an account for the console before they take the plunge.

The Nintendo Switch releases on March 3, 2017.