The Nintendo Switch is reportedly set to have GameCube Virtual Console support, with Super Smash Bros. Melee, Luigi’s Mansion, and Super Mario Sunshine being tested.

Although Nintendo isn’t set to reveal all about its upcoming console until the Nintendo Switch event in January, that hasn’t stopped those familiar with the console and its games from revealing all. Following leaks suggesting that the Switch has a 720p touchscreen and a leak from earlier this week that said that the Dark Souls games could come to the Switch, yet another bit of information about the upcoming console has been let out of the bag.

According to Eurogamer, which has spoken to “three separate sources” on the matter, the Nintendo Switch will have support for GameCube games via Virtual Console. These sources say that GameCube support has already been tested and is described as “working,” and three games – Super Mario Sunshine, Super Smash Bros. Melee, and Luigi’s Mansion – are currently being “prepped” for the Switch. A GameCube version of Animal Crossing (a game which itself allowed people to play NES titles) is being tested as well.

The report also claims that the Nintendo Switch Virtual Console is being made by the same team behind the massively popular Mini NES and that it could feature an upgrade system like that of the Wii U, where players who’d bought a Virtual Console NES game could pay a small fee to upgrade it.

Nintendo Switch Secondary Screen

Moreover, the sources say that Nintendo could allow the Switch to support the GameCube controller adapter, though the company has yet to make a “final decision” on the matter. While many gamers would surely snap up the chance to play classic GameCube titles with a GameCube controller, Nintendo is already set to sell extra (Switch controllers) Joy-Cons as well as the Joy-Grip accessory (which turns those Joy-Cons into a more traditional controller set-up) and a separate Pro controller and so the company may have concerns that selling yet another additional controller could confuse gamers.

Also up in the air is the number of platforms that will be offered through the Nintendo Switch Virtual Console. The Wii U supports Nintendo 64 games through the Virtual Console, along with GameBoy Advances games and gamers will be hoping that the Switch’s Virtual Console support is just as comprehensive.

While there are clearly things that need to be worked out, fans have responded overwhelmingly positively to the news. GameCube Virtual Console support was a much-requested feature for the Wii U and many fans are calling the Switch a ‘day one purchase’ as a result. Of course, that enthusiasm may not actually translate to early sales for the console but Nintendo will surely be glad to see that the (rumored) in-development feature has garnered such a massive response.

Nintendo Switch is set to arrive in March 2017.