GR Pick: We Want These Nintendo Switch Gamecube Joy-Cons


Ever since the Nintendo Switch's Joy-Cons were revealed, its unique design has caused imaginative fans to think outside the box in terms of cosmetics and skins. While there have been many great fan-made designs over the past few weeks, the latest and perhaps most impressive idea yet takes the classic purple GameCube look and re-imagines it as Nintendo Switch Joy-Con.

Taking inspiration from some retro Nintendo console designs of yesteryear, Reddit user IanMazgelis took the classic purple GameCube look and created their own fan-made design of what it would look like as a part of the Nintendo Switch. While this hypothetical GameCube Switch layout is very impressive to say the least, perhaps the most interesting part of this fan design is how the Joy-Con uses the GameCube controller's unique ABXY button layout as opposed to the classic ABXY layout on every other Nintendo console.

This fan-made GameCube Switch skin has proved to be incredibly popular with fans over at Reddit, garnering over 22,000 upvotes in under 10 hours and spurring many into hoping that Nintendo might make this design a reality some day. Whether it will indeed happen is still up in the air, especially with Switch skin makers not having a particularly good time in recent weeks.


As impressive as this GameCube/Switch hybrid is, it is far from the only eye-catching design that Nintendo fans have come up with. Just recently, a fan drew inspiration from the classic see-through Game Boy Color design and managed to wow many gamers with a see-through Switch design.

While this GameCube look and many other brilliant Switch skin designs currently remain as nothing more than fantasies at the moment, some creative fans have managed to make certain fantasies into a reality. After being disappointed with the current Switch dock design, one fan decided to utilize their ingenuity – and a 3D printer – to create a drastically improved version of the Switch dock.

It is still early days yet for the Nintendo Switch, and it remains to be seen whether the Big N will indeed take influence from the fan's GameCube design for any future skins. Regardless of whether the company will follow up on this, gamers shouldn't expect new designs to be released any time soon given all the recent cosmetic damage problems with various Switch skins.

Source: Reddit

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