Nintendo Switch eShop Games and Prices Detailed


Nintendo Switch launch day has officially arrived and gamers are ready to start tearing through the launch titles. Although Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is the game that most players will be binging this weekend, there is a decent lineup of other titles available in the game's eShop.

The current titles available for purchase and download can be split up into three categories: NEOGEO classics, indie titles, and major releases. Prices vary per category with some of the indie games coming in under $10 and some of the major releases asking for more that $60 for a digital download.

Here is a breakdown of everything currently available on day one:

nintendo switch indie titles

The below prices are in Australian dollars. We'll post USD prices as soon as we have them...

NEOGEO Classics

NEOGEO The King of Fighters '98: $9.10 NEOGEO Waku Waku 7: $9.10 NEOGEO Shock Troopers: $9.10 NEOGEO World Heroes Perfect: $9.10 NEOGEO Metal Slug 3: $9.10

Indie Titles

Othello: $6.50 Vroom in the Night Sky: $11.99 Frontier Days: $13 Shovel Knight: $13 Voez: $27 Fast RMX: $29.95

Major Releases

Snipperclips: $30 I Am Setsuna: $59.95 Super Bomberman R: $65 1-2 Switch: $69.95 Just Dance 2017: $89.95 Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild: $89.95

The Nintendo Switch has been criticized for launching without enough exciting titles, so it will be interesting to see how long this lineup of eShop games can keep players entertained. More titles will arrive a few weeks after launch, but there is still no estimated release date for the full virtual console that will bring back iconic Nintendo titles from consoles of the past.

If players plan to stick to digital copies for most of their Nintendo library, they may want to consider picking up some storage upgrades. The internal HD is barely big enough for some of the major releases, so players picking up something like Breath of the Wild in the eShop will be pushing the storage limits on day one.

What do you think of the launch lineup of eShop games? How long do you think it will take Nintendo to get the virtual console online? Let us know in the comments.

Nintendo Switch is now available.

Source: Kotaku

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