With so much still up in the air regarding the Nintendo Switch, gamers have been intrigued to find out exactly how aspects such as the Nintendo Switch eShop will function. One snippet of information regarding the eShop is bound to intrigue fans of Nintendo, however, as users will actually be able to browse the stores of other regions on the Switch.

The news, as revealed by Eurogamer, certainly is a good sign for Switch owners looking to expand their libraries and take advantage of region-exclusive games. Many were hoping that something along these lines would be available, given the status of the Nintendo Switch as a region-free device, and it should allow users to access games otherwise unavailable in their own region.

Being able to access other regions on the Switch eShop is a relatively simple process, too. All that needs to be done is to set up a new profile on the Switch, as well as a new Nintendo Account to go with it. Then, by selecting a different region through the Nintendo Account setup process, users can swap between profiles in order to access the different regional eShops.

nintendo switch online account registration open

Although there could then be language barrier issues, any games with English as a potential language would allow the Switch user in question to play the game without any difficulty. However, there is one possible problem: at the moment, those testing this method of game access are having trouble getting credit cards to work with eShops from other regions.

Of course, when pre-paid cards become accessible, this is likely going to be an issue that disappears quite quickly, and in the meantime demos can still be downloaded without a fuss. With a wealth of features still to arrive for the Switch, such as virtual console availability, hopefully this cross-region accessibility will mean even more treats in store for Switch owners as time goes on.

Not every aspect of the Switch’s online capabilities is going over quite as well, however. Long-time Nintendo console users will be disappointed to learn that friend codes are once again set to return for the console, but at the very least being able to see other regional eShops is a strong step in the right direction.

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