EA Will Watch The Nintendo Switch 'With Interest'

Electronics Arts' COO Peter Moore expresses unwillingness to make any promises regarding the Nintendo Switch just yet, stating that the publisher will 'watch with interest.'

All eyes are on Nintendo regarding the upcoming launch of the company's newest console, the Nintendo Switch. Third-party support for the Wii U fell apart within a year of its launch and Nintendo has work to do in order to regain trust. Signs so far are good, with Nintendo revealing it was working with dozens of publishers and developers during the console's unveiling. Some third parties remain skeptical about the Switch, though, including Electronic Arts.

According to GameSpot, Electronic Arts COO Peter Moore spoke at a conference today regarding the publisher's plans for the Nintendo Switch. Moore was unwilling to divest any promises of support, however, preferring instead to maintain distance with the platform:

"We're huge fans. We've had a relationship that goes many decades back. They've had some difficult times recently, obviously, but [you should] never ever, ever discount Nintendo in this marketplace, and their ability to leverage their superb game development opportunities [and] their intellectual properties."

Moore added that, "We're going to watch with interest," along with other major publishers, noting that Nintendo's ability to leverage its major intellectual properties is always impressive.

Earlier this month Electronic Arts announced that it has a game or two in development that will be brought to the Nintendo Switch, which includes a bigger release ported from the other platforms. That title, according to EA, won't be Mass Effect: Andromeda, but obviously things can always change depending on the market.

EA's Nintendo Switch Support - Third Parties

EA isn't the only publisher that's hesitant about the Nintendo Switch, but it may be the publisher that's hardest to persuade. EA invested in development for the Wii U early on, releasing several games including Mass Effect 3. After that, however, it dropped support for the Wii U entirely and has since been one of Nintendo's harshest critics. EA's promise of one or two games for the Nintendo Switch is already a stark turnaround, but should those games not find success, EA could be the quickest to abandon support.

That isn't to say that other publishers aren't excited about opportunities on the Nintendo Switch, however. Ubisoft has been very vocal about the potential of the Switch, though admittedly Ubisoft targets younger audiences much more than EA. If Ubisoft starts raking in profits and the Nintendo Switch takes off though, expect EA to have renewed vigor for the platform.

It will be interesting to see what EA does decide to bring to the Nintendo Switch initially, as it may be telling. If EA brings Titanfall 2, for instance, it would be an impressive indicator in publishers' believe that the platform can appeal to all ages. If instead it's Plants vs. Zombies, or perhaps an unannounced Star Wars title targeted at younger audience, that will be telling too.

The Nintendo Switch is tentatively planned for release in March 2017. Expect more news on the console's launch in January, along with announcements regarding the platform's third party support.

Source: GameSpot

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