EA Games Considering Bringing More Games to Nintendo Switch

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It's no secret that the Nintendo Switch has been a success for the house of Mario so far. After confirming that the Switch is the fastest selling console in Nintendo's history, the company is sure to have peaked the interest in a number of developers that were once sitting on the fence regarding whether or not they would support (or bring additional support to) the new platform. As it turns out, Electronic Arts appears to be chief among them.

During EA Games' quarterly conference call on May 9, 2017, Chief Executive Officer Andrew Wilson commented on the publisher's support for the Nintendo Switch. While reconfirming that the firm would be releasing FIFA 18 for Switch later this year, Wilson also stated that Electronic Arts “continues to be bullish”  in regards to the platform. As a result, it will be looking at its software lineup to consider additional support moving forward.

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Not done there, Wilson went on to confirm that the 105 million units planned to be sold by the company on current generation consoles by the end of 2017 does not include any potential games released on Nintendo Switch. In that light, any additional sales from EA games on the Nintendo platform do not count towards current projections – making way for potentially larger profit margins. Since fans have only received a snippet of gameplay footage featuring FIFA running on Switch, though, it looks as if that may be the only title in the pipeline for now.

Gamers haven't been given much in the way of details for the next iteration of the longstanding soccer franchise, but former EA CCO Peter Moore promised that FIFA 18 will be built from the ground up for Nintendo Switch. If the company maintains that philosophy for other games on the system then development could get quite expensive, but it remains to be seen just what Electronic Arts has up its sleeve for Nintendo fans.

Source: EA (via DualShockers)

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