Nintendo Switch Still Works After 1,000 Foot Drop

Nintendo Switch Drop 1000 Feet

The Nintendo Switch has proven to be quite the versatile console: it's got a solid battery life, a great user interface, and the ability to to be used at home, on the bus, or even in an airplane. While Nintendo's latest console can function during those tenuous high altitude flights, the portable console certainly wasn't made to survive drops from remotely high altitudes. That's why when a YouTuber named UnlockRiver dropped his Switch from 1000 feet up as a test, he was quite surprised to see the robust Nintendo Switch survive the experience mostly intact.

The premise of the UnlockRiver YouTube channel is pretty simple: take expensive devices, attach them to a drone, and drop them from about 1,000 feet. The channel usually focuses on phone brands like Apple, Samsung, and Google, but evidently the channel decided a Switch was small enough for their drone to bring up to the sky (and send it smashing down onto the pavement afterwards).

At the moment of impact, the device landed with a crackling thwack, and plastic pieces sprinted into the wind - though as it turns out, this was only the left joy-con controller breaking. The Nintendo Switch itself was still fully functional, and the user was able to navigate the menu system shortly after its fall.

Gamers can take a look at the flying Nintendo Switch below:

For what it's worth, the Nintendo Switch is actually far from the first device to survive drops like this: the Samsung Galaxy S8 survived such a drop last month, though the back of the phone and its rear-facing camera paid the toll for the phone's airborne expedition. It's almost a cruel twist of fate that this Nintendo Switch is capable of surviving a drop from 1000 feet, whereas some users got their screens scratched just from using the Switch console's plastic dock.

It's doubtful that the channel will ever try anything like an Xbox One or a PlayStation, given that the weight of those devices would likely endanger the drone itself. In this, Nintendo can take pride in the fact its device is the reigning champion of drop-capable consoles as it heads into E3 2017, where the console creators will be competing for much more than airdrop bragging rights.

Please note that this is probably the worst way one could attempt to fix any left Joy-Con issues they may be having.

The Nintendo Switch is available now across the globe.

Source: YouTube

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