Dragon Quest Heroes will be too large for the Switch’s built-in memory, meaning gamers will have to buy extra storage to support it on Nintendo’s new console.

The Nintendo Switch has not even launched yet, and it appears as though developers could already be pushing the console to its limits—at least in terms of storage space. While gamers may be used to buying most or all of their games digitally on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, they might want to take note if they are planning on trying to do the same on a Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Japan recently revealed the required storage space for digital versions of some of the Nintendo Switch launch titles. While the games vary in requirements, there’s one game in particular that some has already pushed past the storage space of the Nintendo Switch as it comes in the box. That game is Dragon Quest Heroes.

The Nintendo Switch comes packaged with 32GB of internal storage, but only 29.5GB are available to users after the space used by the console’s operating system, as reported by Polygon. That means that Dragon Quest Heroes‘ 32GB install size for the digital version of the game is past what the Nintendo Switch’s native storage space can handle.

Dragon Quest Heroes In Game

To be clear, this space constraint only applies to the digital version of the game, not the game that comes on the physical cartridge. For those who want to go digital with their Switch games, it will mean buying additional SD card storage and inserting it into the console. Nintendo says the Switch will support up to 2TB SDXC cards, although the largest size currently available to consumers is 512GB. And that’s at a whopping $150-200 US price tag.

While gamers can sidestep the storage issue by buying all physical copies of their games, this may not bode well for the longevity or future-proofing of the Nintendo Switch, especially as the PlayStation and Xbox ecosystems are marching toward a more digital future. However, Nintendo has marched to the beat of its own drum for quite some time, and this may be an issue to only a minority of Switch owners who would refuse to buy anything but digital or shell out the cash for more storage. Still, it makes Switch feel like it could potentially be a bigger investment past the $300 price tag.

In comparison to Dragon Age Heroes, the digital download version of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is the next largest space commitment, taking up 13.4GB. The Switch’s storage space issue also spotlights comments from a developer at Respawn Entertainment who said that Titanfall 2 would never fit on Switch.

Nintendo Switch launches on March 3, 2017.