Nintendo Switch Dock No Longer Available From Nintendo Store

Nintendo Switch Dock Removed From Store

The Nintendo Switch launched less than a week ago to massive fanfare, but not everything has continued to go quite so smoothly for Nintendo. Many users ran into what has become known as the Left Joy-Con glitch, while others have experienced dead pixels on their new hardware. Still, the most troubling of these seems to have been somewhat addressed today, as the Nintendo Switch Dock itself has reportedly been scratching up Nintendo Switch consoles. In an apparent response, Nintendo has just quietly removed the Nintendo Switch Dock from its official store.

While it's possible Nintendo did this for an unknown reason, it's more than likely the quick takedown was done to address the fact that the dock was indeed scratching up the $300 devices it was supposed to protect. Many users around the globe have already complained about the build quality of the Switch Dock, with many Switch owners reporting that the dock's hard plastic interior easily scratched up their Nintendo Switch console's 6.2 inch screen. As per some videos on YouTube, these scratches came after inserting and removing the Nintendo Switch from the official dock only a handful of times, which is some pretty undue wear-and-tear for a console in its infancy.


We'd recommend that Switch fans who want to continue using their dock come up with some creative solutions for the time being, like using a stick-on floor protector from IKEA to protect the console from the hard plastic interior of the dock, and that users protect their investment with a screen protector sooner rather than later. Users have also invented something called the 'penny test', as it seems many docks bend too far inward, resulting in a smaller opening at the top where the scratches are more likely to occur. To test if the dock has been bent, Switch owners can roll a penny from the base opening of the dock to the top, and see if the penny gets stuck along the way.

When coupled with the aforementioned hardware problems and the fact that adhesive skins may also damage both console and controller, it seems like The Big N's portable console needs to be treated extremely carefully. In the meantime, it'll be interesting to see if Nintendo explains why the dock was taken down, and what will eventually come to replace it.

What do you think about the hardware difficulties for Nintendo's latest console, Ranters?

Source: Nintendo Store

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