Nintendo Reveals Disney-Themed Switch Console, But There's A Catch

nintendo reveals disney themed switch console

Since the launch of the Nintendo Switch back in March of 2017, Nintendo has released a few custom console designs, like the Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu and Let's Go Eevee Switch, for instance. Now Nintendo has pulled the curtain back on a brand new, gorgeous Disney-themed Switch console with purple and pink Joy-Cons releasing on October 10 alongside the Disney Tsum Tsum Festival game, but there's a catch.

The newly-revealed Disney-themed Nintendo Switch is so far only confirmed for release in Japan. Nintendo hasn't announced whether or not the console will be coming to the Americas or Europe, though the game it's based on, Disney Tsum Tsum Festival, is planned for release in other regions. This means that, for now, anyone who wants to be guaranteed a Disney-themed Switch will need to import it.

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For those in the market for a new Nintendo Switch that may be considering this Disney-themed console, it's worth pointing out that it is in fact the upgraded version. For the uninitiated, Nintendo has upgraded the original Switch to have a longer battery life, which should address one of the biggest issues fans have had with the console.

nintendo reveals disney themed switch

While fans outside of Japan may miss out on this upgraded Disney-themed Switch, there are other special edition Switch consoles releasing this year. In fact, Nintendo is releasing a Pokemon Sword and Shield Switch Lite console that mimics the color scheme of the original Game Boy.

Of course, there may be some Nintendo Switch enthusiasts who want to give their Switch a spiffy new look without having to actually buy a new console. Luckily, there are some fan-made Switch skins out there that will let players customize the look of their console. It's not quite the same as having a specially-made, limited edition Switch, but it's the next best thing.

Moving forward, Nintendo fans can expect the Big N to double down on its custom Switches. The company has a long history of releasing limited edition, themed-consoles (especially when it comes to handhelds), and that doesn't appear to be changing any time soon. At the very least, the biggest Nintendo exclusive games will likely have limited edition Switch Lite consoles themed after them, as we've already seen with Pokemon Sword and Shield.

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