Nintendo Switch Looks Incredible in Different Colors


Following the reveal of the Nintendo Switch, a medley of fan-designed colors have appeared online. As it turns out, the console looks pretty good in a few different shades.

As the dust begins to settle on the blockbuster reveal of the Nintendo Switch, there are several lingering questions that fans still have. Knowing the cost and battery life for the new platform are major points of interest amongst consumers, but one of the trademark qualities of Nintendo and its products are the various styles that they appear in. While the standard gray model was all that was shown off during the system's "first look" video, that hasn't deterred one fan from creating mockups of what the Switch could look like in a few other colors.

Posting the results on imgur, TheGrumpyCat has released faux concepts of the Switch in a few different flavors. Whether players have a preference for blue, orange, or nods to the company's past, there's sure to be something for everyone in the gamer's gallery. Admittedly, the console looks quite strapping in all of the varieties that TheGrumpyCat has pieced together, but readers can decide which one they like best by checking out the gallery below.


While seeing the hardware in a few different shades is appealing to many, it's unlikely that the Switch will feature a bevy of different looks right out of the gate. That's not to say that there won't be options down the road, but if the Wii U is anything to go by then gamers should only expect one or two looks from the get-go. That will almost certainly change in the months and years following its debut this March 2017 (provided it can gain a decent install base), but the standard gray will likely have to make do for the time being.

In the meantime, fans can focus on just what titles will be available at launch. With the appearance of both Mario Kart and Splatoon in the debut trailer for the console, it's only a matter of time before more software is confirmed for Switch. While the prospect of revamped and brand new games is enough to get many excited, the option to pick up an NES-themed Switch would be a much-appreciated gesture for day one buyers. For now, though, fans can just bask in one gamer's take on such an idea.

Which Switch design do you like the best? Do you think Nintendo will have different colors for the new console? Get at us in the comments.

Nintendo Switch is set to arrive at some point in March 2017. For more details, stay tuned to Game Rant.

Source: TheGumpyCat - imgur

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