According to Daniel Vuckovic, the owner and founder of the Australian Nintendo community known as Vooks, demos for the Nintendo Switch will have no play limit on them, which will allow fans to try them out again and again for as long as they want after downloading them from the console’s eShop. This change in practices for demos runs contrary to the way they work on the Big N’s Wii U system and 3DS handhelds, as the units end up deleting the demos after they are played a set number of times.

As seen in the tweet below from Vuckovic, he states that the Nintendo Switch game demos don’t ask fans which user is to be attached to the experience, which presumably results in there being no play limit. However, Nintendo has yet to officially declare this to be the case, so it’s best for fans to take this information with a grain of salt until they can try it out for themselves once the Switch reaches its release date tomorrow.

Should Vukovic’s claim be accurate, many Nintendo fans will surely see it as a welcome change and be grateful for the company’s decision to amend the restrictive practices relating to demo play limits . Bearing this in mind, it’s also important to note that the Switch will not have any pack-in games or demos at launch, so fans will need to seek out game trials for the Switch on their own.

That said, it should also be mentioned that Switch owners may need to be judicious as to how many demos they store on their respective consoles at any given time. As it happens, the on-board memory for the system is rather small when compared to the hard drives of the competing units of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. However, fans can always expand their storage space on the Switch with the use of micro SDXC cards, offering an additional 2TB of memory.

Of course, with most of the digital file sizes for full games on the Switch being somewhat tinier than those of the PS4 and Xbox One’s, the demos on the upcoming Nintendo console will likely be an incredibly small fraction of the system’s internal memory. Nevertheless, it’s always best to be prepared with a little extra storage space than to be stuck deciding which games or demos need to be deleted in order to make room for more content.

The Nintendo Switch launches on March 3, 2017.

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