Nintendo Won't Lean Towards Core Gamers With Switch Console

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Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima states that, despite the system's reveal trailer being targeting towards core gamers, the Nintendo Switch is intended for all audiences.

When the Nintendo Switch reveal trailer debuted last month, we were given our first real glimpse of the console formerly known as the NX. Most discussion of the clip revolved around its unusual controller or the selection of games that were featured — but there was also some debate about the console's intended audience.

The focus on local multiplayer sessions and games like Skyrim and a new Mario adventure seemed to suggest that Nintendo was targeting the Switch toward core gamers. However, the company's president Tatsumi Kimishima has now stated publicly that this is not the case.

"As the name implies, we're switching a lot of things," Kimishima said in an interview with Bloomberg. "But we have no interest in switching our customers. We have no intention of just going after a certain age group. Depending on the kind of software that comes out, families and kids will be able to play too."

The president went on to suggest that the tone of the trailer and the games featured were chosen to ensure that core gamers would grasp the concept immediately. He noted that families and children would perhaps be better prepared to understand the Switch "by actually experiencing it."

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It certainly makes sense for Nintendo to target gamers before mainstream audiences. Whatever the long term plans for the Switch are, the early adopters that purchase the system in its first several months of release are more than likely to be enthusiasts.

However, there's no sense that Nintendo is tweaking its existing strategy regarding casual gamers. While the core market may have been the priority for the reveal of the Switch, Kimishima made it clear that the company isn't changing its plan of attack too dramatically.

"Our core philosophy is that we want to increase the number of gamers at all ages, and there's no change to that," said the Nintendo president. Of course, these plans could change depending on how the system is received once it's available to consumers.

That being said, Nintendo certainly seems to be hinting that the Switch will be marketed in a similar manner to the Wii U and the Wii. Given how refreshing the Switch reveal trailer was, compared to the last decade of Nintendo's marketing materials, that might be something of a disappointment to the core audience.

The Nintendo Switch is expected to release in March 2017.

Source: Bloomberg

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