Following reports of desynchronization issues with the Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Con controllers, many would-be Switch owners were holding out hope that the issues would be fixed with the console’s day one patch. Unfortunately, it seems as though the patch does not completely address what is being seen as a major problem.

By some online accounts, installing the Nintendo Switch day one patch does stop the Joy-Cons from disconnecting from the console unexpectedly. But Digital Foundry says that after it installed the patch ran a slew of technical tests with the console it found that the problems were still unresolved.

The publication says that “the range and consistency of the connection of each Joy-Con remains the same” and that the left Joy-Con controller, which was the biggest issue for many early Nintendo Switch users, “still has demonstrably weaker range than the right.” According to posts on social media, the publication is not the only one to have seen no difference in the problems following the patch. Nintendo has reportedly been contacted several times by the publication, though the company has yet to reply.

Nintendo Switch Motion Controllers Leaked by GameStop CEO - Switch Joy Con controller

Admittedly few new games consoles launch in a perfect state, and even years after their initial launches both the PS4 and Xbox One are introducing updates that add fans’ most-wanted features. However, the frequent disconnection of a controller is not being regarded as a teething issue, but instead as a potentially difficult-to-resolve technical fault.

Many would-be Nintendo Switch players and media professionals who have the console ahead of tomorrow’s launch have been critical of Nintendo, especially as the issue has been reported by many sources, and so some feel that Nintendo should have already fixed the problem. The issue is particularly significant when looking at the price of the Joy-Con controllers; they don’t come cheap and players shouldn’t be forced to pay a premium for accessories that, apparently, do not work as intended.

The radio silence on Nintendo’s part is also troubling. There are big questions yet to be addressed about the console, including how the Nintendo Switch online service will work, about Virtual Console support, and more. With the console launching globally in just a matter of hours it’s little wonder why fans and consumers are frustrated, if not incredibly concerned, at the company’s lack of answers. At least Breath of the Wild looks set to become an instant classic.

The Nintendo Switch launches on March 3, 2017.

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