Nintendo Fan Makes Awesome Switch Console Skins


One talented Reddit user designs a range of new looks for the recently-revealed Nintendo Switch console, just days after the device is announced by Nintendo.

It's only been four days since the Phil Spencer-impressing reveal of the Nintendo Switch, and already fans are re-imagining what the device could look like if it were to come in different themes.

Reddit user DEAD_GIVEAWAY is just one of many Nintendo fans who thinks that the upcoming console could use a bit of a makeover, a fact that led to the talented individual designing a whole range of skins that they'd love to see the Nintendo Switch wearing instead of its original black design. Posting on the site two days ago, the user commented that they would love to show off their designs to Nintendo and they hope that the company checks out their work for itself.

Among the designs are skins for MarioPokemonSkyrim, and even Hatsune Miku themed consoles. The work hasn't gone unnoticed on Reddit, with DEAD_GIVEAWAY's post reaching the front page of the gaming subreddit easily on the day of posting. There are even special skins for the three Pokemon GO teams, which would allow players of the popular AR title to represent their team in an incredibly flashy way. The full gallery of images can be found here.


Thanks to the site's enthusiasm for the user's designs, the artist commented that they have sent their resume (as well as links to their galleries of skins) to Nintendo, where they hope to work as a graphical designer. If the company decides to hire, there's a fair chance that the user might actually get to see their work displayed on the actual Nintendo Switch console - something that we'd all like to see happen.

This isn't even the first lot of designs that the user has made for the Switch, with their previous set gaining some well-deserved attention only one day after the console was revealed. The initial designs are mostly just colours that we'd like to see the Switch wearing, though there are also a couple of more special designs such as a NES-inspired pattern that are definitely worth a look at.

In other recent Nintendo Switch news, the Big N has just confirmed that it has not yet revealed everything there is to know about the upcoming console. This likely means that there are one or two more features that we'll learn about before the handheld/console hybrid releases next year. It seems that we won't be finding out any more news any time soon however, as the company has also announced that there will be no more reveals until 2017.

The Nintendo Switch is set to arrive in March 2017.

Source: Reddit

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