Capcom Asked Nintendo to Increase the Switch's RAM


At the Game Creators Conference 2017 in Japan, developers from Capcom and Nintendo appeared on stage together to discuss the Nintendo Switch. Some may find it odd that Capcom and Nintendo would hold a joint conference for the Switch since Capcom has yet to release anything for the console, but as it turns out, Capcom played an important role in the Switch's development. If it wasn't for Capcom, the Nintendo Switch could have launched with less RAM and been a much weaker system.

Apparently, Nintendo reached out to various developers when it was creating the Nintendo Switch in order to get feedback on the console. It was during this process that Capcom and other developers pushed Nintendo to increase the Switch's RAM to at least 4GB, which is what the console launched with earlier this month.

The reason why Capcom wanted Nintendo to increase the Switch's RAM is simple. Capcom was in the midst of producing its RE Engine at the time, which powers Resident Evil 7, and it wanted Nintendo to create a console with enough memory to support the engine. It seems as though Nintendo took Capcom's advice, and while we have yet to see an announcement that Resident Evil 7 is coming to the Switch, we now know that it is at least a possibility.

Even though the Switch is technically powerful enough to support the RE Engine, Capcom has yet to actually port it to the device. Capcom has been struggling to make the engine work with both the Switch's portable and docked states, which could explain why we have yet to see any major Capcom games announced for the new console outside of Ultra Street Fighter 2: The Final Challengers.

Capcom's difficulty with bringing the RE Engine to the Switch is likely one reason why Resident Evil 7 is not in development for the console. It seems as though Capcom is trying to bring the RE Engine to the Switch first before it ramps up development on a Switch version of Resident Evil 7, which is understandable.

Nintendo Switch may have missed the boat when it comes to Resident Evil 7, but that doesn't mean future Capcom games can't make their way to the system, especially since Capcom played a role in the console's development. If Capcom succeeds in porting the RE Engine to the Nintendo Switch, then fans may get their hands on Resident Evil 7 down the road or future Resident Evil games like the Resident Evil 2 remake.

Nintendo Switch is available now.

Source: Nintendo Everything

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