Capcom’s quarterly earnings report delivered some exciting news for Nintendo Switch fans. While many of Capcom’s largest games continue to struggle, there was one title that found surprising success. Ultra Street Fighter 2 for the Nintendo Switch came out at the perfect time, sating the demand of new console owners hungry for games and filling a traditional fighting game gap. It was so successful that Capcom has decided to ramp up its support of the Nintendo Switch going forward.

Ultra Street Fighter 2: The Final Challengers is an updated version of the classic Street Fighter 2 Turbo for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Capcom was able to update the game with several new features and mechanics, rebalance certain aspects of gameplay, and add new characters in Evil Ryu and Violent Ken.

While critical reception was mixed largely due to the $40 price tag, thin feature set, and troubling controls, Capcom reportedly sold over 450,000 copies of the game. Street Fighter 2 nostalgia is strong with Nintendo Switch owners.

Now Capcom is reportedly “starting to prepare” multiple titles for the Nintendo Switch, with language describing the development of  “versions” of Capcom games for the console. Given what Capcom is already known to be working on, this language could either mean ports of in-development titles like Monster Hunter World, Street Fighter 5, and Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, or updated ports of classic titles akin to Ultra Street Fighter 2.

Capcom Plans Increased Nintendo Switch Support - Monster Hunter XX

Nintendo and Capcom have a long history of partnering for exclusives and there are dozens of retro games that Nintendo fans would certainly love to see rereleased solely for the Switch. Whether it’s Mega Man, Final Fight, any of Capcom’s Disney games, or more fighting games, Capcom could raid its history and profit off it greatly. It’s crazy to think how a popular Nintendo console can open up a market that’d otherwise be unsuccessful on PlayStation or Xbox.

For now though, Capcom’s plans are just that. The only game currently announced for the Nintendo Switch is Monster Hunter XX, which is itself a port of a 3DS game that’s just an expanded version of 2015’s Monster Hunter Generations. And Monster Hunter XX is unlikely to be released in the west. But the plans are in motion, so Nintendo Switch fans should let Capcom know what they’d love to see brought to the console. It may just happen.