Nintendo Switch: Kids Can Easily Bypass Parental Controls

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One of the unique selling points of the Nintendo Switch is the amount of flexibility the system provides, with even the console's parental controls app offering up a handy level of functionality for parents looking to keep an eye on Switch use. However, it turns out that the app is quite easy to circumnavigate, and it can be done by using one of the most talked about aspects of the Switch itself. By simply using the console offline, the app will stop logging the amount of time spent on the system.

This quite simple bypass was discovered by Nintendo Life, who took the console out on the road and were surprised to find that the app had stopped logging the hours spent using the Switch. Wi-Fi was not disabled at any point during the trip, but by not logging in to any network over the course of its travels, the app was able to be kept in the dark for any hours spent playing the new Nintendo console.

Although a live update to the app was never likely to be on the cards, it's surprising to see that the app never syncs up with the actual playtime of the device once it returns into a network. It certainly could allow kids to get in some extra hours with the Switch, should there be any app-based parental controls in place.

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The app itself has seen some praise from parents since it was initially announced. Not only does it allow an easy way to track the amount of time spent on the console, but it also lets parents set a limit to playtime, with the system then automatically switching off. However, this oversight from Nintendo is something of a surprise given that the ability to take the Switch anywhere and everywhere has been promoted by Nintendo since the first ever Switch trailer.

It's not the only time that the connectivity of the Switch has caused a bit of a headache, either. Users have noticed the occasional Switch frame rate drop while playing games, seemingly not tied to a larger strain on the console. As it turns out, the console's occasional sweep for Wi-Fi signals has been putting pressure on processing.

However, these minor issues are only a firmware update away at best. Should Nintendo want to further strengthen the parental control app, then a quick update could be on the way. With that in mind, kids hoping for more late-night Switch sessions might need to get them in quick.

Source: Nintendo Life

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