Nintendo Switch User Reportedly Gets 'Blue Screen of Death'


One Nintendo Switch owner has reported a system-breaking screen problem. Being referred to as the Nintendo Switch blue screen of death, in reference to the PC and iOS issues of the same name, a user on reddit says that the problem cropped up just hour after switching on the new console for the first time.

They explain that they played a "bit" of critically acclaimed Switch launch title, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, before the screen went white, the console got very noisy and after restarting it the blue screen of death appeared. After a conversation with Nintendo support, the Nintendo Switch was deemed "dead" and the user is now getting a replacement from the original seller.

While there is just one reported case of the Nintendo Switch blue screen death in the wild so far and therefore it may just be this lone incident, it's not the only example of Switch hardware problems. Some have reported getting an orange screen (though this can be solved just by resetting the console) and others have complained about a 'flickering' Switch screen that flashes from black to white. Many players have also reported problems with the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers, though Nintendo has explained that the problems could just be down to interference.


Other, seemingly unsubstantiated claims being made on social media include build issues with the Nintendo Switch Pro controller, spotty Wi-Fi connections and bog standard crashes. Nintendo has yet to address any of these reports.

It's unclear whether the Nintendo Switch's hardware is really as troublesome as some users suggest and whether some of the problems are still unsolved after installing the Switch day one patch. But what is clear is that so far, reports of technical issues have not harmed the console's sales.

Nintendo Switch sales could reach five million by the end of this year, according to some estimates and the new system is already outpacing its struggling predecessor, the Wii U, in some regions. It's true that bugs and hardware problems may put some undecided gamers off of buying the console, but for now things are going well for the new Nintendo console.

Source: reddit

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