A Guide to the Best Nintendo Switch Accessories


Now that the Nintendo Switch has officially launched to gamers worldwide, fans who managed to receive a Switch console on day one are likely wondering what additional accessories will be able to increase the enjoyability of their play time with the system and help bring out the unit's full potential. So, for those who have already picked out which games they want to own for the Switch – The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a wise choice – they would do well to look beyond the standard offerings found within the Switch's box to give their experience with the console some added oomph.

As it happens, the Switch only contains the system itself, left and right Joy-Con controllers, and the necessary technical cables and components required to set it up. There are no pack-in games and no additional accessories included with the console, so fans might have a difficult time trying to undertake the daunting task of figuring out the essential accessories to make the Switch completely worthwhile.

With this being the case, we've decided to put together a handy guide to point Nintendo Switch fans in the right direction for the best accessories to purchase for the console. So, whether it's Official Nintendo or Officially Licensed 3rd party products – excluding memory cards, as Micro SDXC is a universal format – we've compiled a full rundown of everything Nintendo Switch owners need accessory-wise.

Memory Cards


Out of the box, the Nintendo Switch has specs with a built-in hard drive of 32 GB. This will likely offer enough storage space for day one downloads, but for those who intend on shopping at the eStore for lots of digital-only releases such as Shovel Knight, Fast RMX, and Sonic Mania, additional memory is going to be required.

Enter Micro SDXC Cards. The Nintendo Switch only has one memory card slot, so the best way to ensure maximal memory capacity for the console's lifespan is to get the largest sized Micro SDXC Cards possible. As seen in our list of the best storage options with SDXC Cards, there are lots to choose from, but the memory card brand and types listed below will provide the most bang for one's proverbial buck.

Extra Joy-Con Controllers


While playing single-player games like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is not a bad way to get introduced to the Switch, there will eventually come a time when fans want to engage in some 4-person multiplayer action with titles like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Of course, since the Switch only comes with one set of Joy-Cons, it will be imperative to get at least one more set.

The included left and right Joy-Cons with the Switch will provide fans with the means to play single-player games and a few two-player games, so getting another set will be able to extend the gameplay capabilities to more friends, but to be fully prepared for a maxed-out multiplayer session, gamers will need 8 Joy-Cons on-hand to play a packed out match in titles like Super Bomberman R. Thankfully, fans can pick from a variety of different hues for their Joy-Cons, and create loads of different color combinations, by buying a left and right controller individually or in a set.

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller


Although a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller isn't necessary to play any of the system's games, many fans will likely swear by the ergonomic handling and control that comes with the peripheral. Not to mention, for those who simply enjoy a more traditional feel with their controllers, the design for the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller ought to fit perfectly in their hands.

In addition to a layout similar to the Xbox One's controller, the Switch Pro Controller has grips built onto the handles, as well as Nintendo's classic cross-shaped D-Pad. So, when the Big N surely announces its decision to release a followup to Super Smash Bros. on the Switch, astute fighting game fans are going to need the Pro Controller's handling abilities to best their opponents.

Nintendo Official Charging Adapter


The Nintendo Switch offers a lot of helpful features such as its ability pause a game and prevent the loss of any unsaved progress should the console's battery suddenly die. However, there's no need to ever experience power failure with an official Nintendo charging adapter.

For those who wish to play the Switch in Handheld Mode for long stretches of time at home, it would be wise to invest in an official Nintendo charging adapter. That way, fans will never have to worry about losing their flow or focus during an especially trying moment in any of the Switch's games.

Power-A Joy-Con Charging Dock


One of the most frustrating things for gamers to experience is when a controller is dead due to not having been charged properly. Thankfully, the Power-A Joy-Con Charging Dock will be there to help keep the Nintendo Switch's Joy-Cons fully juiced up – provided fans remember to place the controllers on the device.

The Power-A Joy-Con Charging Dock is handily one of the most practical accessories created for the Nintendo Switch. Entirely powered via USB, the controllers slide easily into place, with up to four Joy-Cons being able to be charged simultaneously.

HORI High-Speed Car Charger


Since we're still on the subject of charging controllers, it will be imperative for those who are looking forward to gaming on-the-go with the Nintendo Switch to own a car charger. With this being the case, the HORI High-Speed Car Charger for the Switch is a solid choice.

Just like any other car charging apparatus, the HORI High-Speed Car Charger for Nintendo Switch will plug directly into an automobile's DC power connector in the dash for anyone needing instantaneous charging. Without a doubt, the HORI High-Speed Car Charger will help make long road trips more bearable, by not allowing the Switch battery to die.

Official Switch Carrying Case and Screen Protector


Naturally, there are many Nintendo fans who would rather purchase accessories like carrying cases and screen protectors directly from the company rather than having to go through any third-party outlets. Thankfully, Nintendo fills that need by offering an Official Switch Carrying Case and Screen Protector.

On first glance, Nintendo's official carrying case for the Switch's handheld touchscreen appears to be rather sparse, but it gets the job done. Fans should rest easy knowing the product will not only protect the casing of the unit, but also ensure the screen is scratch-free.

RDS Industries Game Traveler Deluxe System Case


Continuing with the topic of on-the-go gaming with the Switch, there are certainly those out there who will not only want a full-fledged carrying kit for all of the console's hardware and games, but also they will want to look stylish while toting it. Thankfully RDR Industries has stepped in to craft a top-tier system case for the Switch.

RDR Industries' Game Travel Deluxe System Case holds and protects the complete Nintendo Switch system with a hard shell and comfortable carrying handle for maximum protection. Not to mention, it provides 2 separate game card cases and 2 Micro SD Card cases that offer dust free protection.

HORI Compact Playstand


While the Nintendo Switch has a built-in kickstand meant to be used to set the screen up on a flat surface for "Tabletop Mode,” some might consider the kickstand to be too thin and structurally unsound. Those wanting a better stand for gaming should consider HORI's Playstand, which steadfastly holds the Switch in place.

Furthermore, the HORI Playstand also allows fans to adjust the angle of the screen, which is a feature that Nintendo's standard kickstand cannot accomplish. Perhaps most importantly, though, this is the only way for players to charge the Switch while in “Tabletop Mode,” making the HORI Playstand a must-buy.

PDP Afterglow LVL 3 Gaming Stereo Headset


As any good team member in a multiplayer game will attest, clear and open communication with squad mates is the key to ascending to victory, and when Splatoon 2 comes out for the Nintendo Switch later this year, speedy correspondence will be a must. Thankfully, the PDP Afterglow LVL 3 Gaming Stereo Headset will provide that and more.

Designed for the Nintendo Switch system, the PDP Afterglow LVL 3 Gaming Stereo Headset offers 40mm Neodymium drivers for crisp audio, a flexible boom and noise-canceling microphone, and a comfortable ear cup design fit for any gamer. Not to mention, the headset includes easy-to-access in-line chat volume and mute controls for those wanting the capability to manipulate volume on-the-fly.

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Obviously, there are loads of other accessories to take into account when it comes to getting more out of the Nintendo Switch. However, the items listed above will without a doubt fulfill all of the requirements necessary to completely round out one's Switch experience.

The gaming industry has already stepped forward with congratulations for Nintendo's launch of the Switch, and die-hard Nintendo fans are likely to fall in love with the console's capabilities out-of-the-box. With any luck, excitement for the system will surpass sales expectations and go on to become one of the most memorable and cherished consoles in Nintendo's history.

The Nintendo Switch is available now.

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