Nintendo Switch Bends in Dock, Say Players


Nintendo Switch players say that their consoles have begun to warp and bend, with lengthy times in the consoles dock being blamed by some. The warping issue - which has been dubbed 'Warpgate' - is just the latest hardware problem to be reported about the console, following hot on the heels of claims that Nintendo Switch consoles are falling apart.

On social media, a handful of fans have complained that the tablet portion of their Nintendo Switch consoles have begun to bend out of shape. The bending (pictured above) isn't so dramatic and it also isn't said to affect the way that the console plays its games, but it is fairly noticeable.

While several players on Reddit have said that they have suffered from similar warping issues, how widespread the problem is and what is actually causing it remains a mystery. One player whose Switch had begun to bend said that they have played the console for around 50 hours and that it had been docked for most of that time, leading them to suggest that the need to work harder to output to a TV is the cause.


In the comments, though, others said that they played their Nintendo Switch consoles for over 100 hours and hadn't experienced anything like it. In one case, a Switch user played for 150 hours "exclusively" in docked mode in a warm room and yet no bending or warping could be seen. As a result, some suggested the warpedNintendo Switch consoles are faulty units and that those people should contact Nintendo for a replacement.

If this isn't just down to misuse by the Switch owners, then many will be asking questions of Nintendo. As mentioned, there have been several cases of hardware issues including Joy-Con connectivity problems (which Nintendo fixed with a bit of foam) and fans will be wondering how these problems were missed during the manufacturing.

With Nintendo recently having increased Switch production in order to keep up with demand, there's the very real concern that more problems like this will continue to pop up. If Nintendo is unable to find a way to isolate these problems (or weed faulty units out better before they're shipped) then prospective Switch players may avoid buying the console for fear that their system will only end up breaking, cracking or warping out of shape at some point.

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