Nintendo Switch Battery Life Extended to 12 Hours With SwitchCharge Case


The Nintendo Switch has been in the wild for a month now and thanks to Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Nintendo fans are getting a lot of use out of the portable console. Although the portable functionality is very convenient and makes gaming while traveling nice and easy, the battery life does leave something to be desired in comparison to other portable products like the 3DS. Luckily, a new crowd-funded peripheral has a solution to the Switch's current battery limitations.

Early predictions about the Switch battery life have now been proven and consumers know that the console gets about three hours of battery life for Breath of the Wild and up to eight hours for games that are less demanding. Time will tell how the battery holds up for games like Splatoon 2 and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, but some innovators are already planning workarounds. The third-party SwitchCharge case just showed up on indiegogo and claims that it extends the battery life up to a twelve hour charge. That's an impressive boost and about $28,000 worth of backers are already onboard.

In addition to the battery life extension, the SwitchCharge also has a bigger kickstand, storage slots for additional game cards, and a side-mounted USB Type C port for charging. This ability to charge while playing is another pretty exciting selling point. The case may sound like all upside, but the price may scare away more casual Switch users.

Although there is no official retail price at this point, the creators of the indiegogo are charging $75 for early adopters. By the time the product is put into production and priced for the casual consumer, that bill could come out to closer to $130. For a console that is already being criticized for having peripherals that are too expensive, it's hard to imagine very many mainstream gamers would put up that kind of money for a charging case.

What do you think of the crowdfunded charging case? Is it worth the pretty steep price tag? Let us know in the comments.

The Nintendo Switch is currently available. The third-party SwitchCharge peripheral does not have an official release date at this point.

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