Nintendo Switch launch title, fighting game ARMS, gets two new trailers focusing on the skills and abilities of its characters including Mechinara, Ribbon Girl and Spring Man.

One of the most promising titles announced for the Nintendo Switch so far is fight game ARMS. A new IP that’s part of the Switch’s launch line-up, ARMS pits characters with super stretchy arms against each other as they extend their limbs and punch the cartoony snot out of one another.

Previews of ARMS suggest that the game and its colorful cast are a lot of fun and many gamers already fairly eager to get their hands on the game. Nintendo wants to kick that excitement up a notch, though, having now released two brand new ARMS trailers.

The two new ARMS trailers, mostly focus on the skills and abilities of five different playable characters. Spring Man, for instance, can curve his arms around obstacles, hitting his opponents even when they’re behind cover and he is also able to quickly give himself a kinda of ‘aura’ shield that blocks attacks. Ribbon Girl can easily twirl out of the way of attacks, while Ninjara’s skillset lets him dash and turn into a plume of smoke and pull his opponents towards him before hitting them with a few quick punches.

There’s also the typical ‘tank’ character, Master Mummy. While he isn’t particularly agile, he can really take a hit while his fists are so big that when he throws a punch he can deflect the opponent’s attack. He can even cross his arms to heal himself. And finally there’s Mechanica, who looks like the Nintendo version of Overwatch character D.Va. With her mech, Mechanica can pull herself towards enemies before spinning on the spot and slapping them in the face.

While most players would need to have a hands on with the game before coming up with winning strategies, it’s easy to see how the game might appeal to the hardcore fighting game crowd. Those who aren’t interested in Street Fighter 5‘s new characters, don’t want to wait for Tekken 7‘s release date and just feel like playing something a little bit different may well flock to ARMS when it arrives for the Nintendo later this year.

Admittedly, the price of additional Nintendo Switch controllers may put people off if they feel like playing ARMS against their family and friends (as opposed to people who don’t own a Switch already). But the appeal of the game may be so strong that between copies sold and extra controllers purchased, ARMS could see Nintendo make some serious money.

ARMS launches exclusively for the Nintendo Switch in Spring 2017.

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