Dave and Busters Player Earns Nintendo Switch Off $50

Nintendo Switch Won at Dave and Busters with $50

An arcade game player claims to have earned a Nintendo Switch off of about $50 through ticket redemption at Dave & Busters. Dave & Busters is a popular arcade, billiards, and bowling destination featuring machines that pay out tickets based on how the player performs in the game. While many of the arcade cabinets are closer to slot machines than video games, some provide an opportunity for high-skill players. That opportunity can on occasion be taken advantage of for rewards like a Nintendo Switch.

According to the player who won the Nintendo Switch, who goes by the name "DragonSlaayer" on Reddit, the Nintendo Switch required 100,000 tickets to purchase. He later claimed that he earned those tickets playing an arcade game named Floppy Tickets, a Flappy Bird clone. While the game becomes gradually more difficult the longer it's played, even becoming impossible at a certain point, DragonSlaayer said he could earn the 1000 ticket bonus consistently, in addition to another 500 he earns on average. He made clear that those tickets weren't earned in a single night.

In fact, DragonSlaayer went into great detail as to just how long it took him to get the tickets necessary to buy the Nintendo Switch. He says he'd go to Dave & Busters maybe once a week on Wednesdays, which are half-price game nights, and spend $5. He's walk away each night with about 10,000 tickets. Over 2-3 months and about $50 spent, he'd earned enough to purchase the Nintendo Switch. A few other users concluded that DragonSlaayer was technically earning between $16-20 an hour playing Floppy Tickets, since he only spent $50 and earned a $300 console.

Nintendo Switch Won at Dave and Busters with $50 - Receipt

While most people were curious about how DragonSlaayer managed to come out ahead playing a Dave & Busters arcade game, that wasn't DragonSlaayer's initial focus when he posted his achievement. He was just excited that he had the opportunity to get a Nintendo Switch at all. His story at focused entirely around showing up to Dave & Busters early to check if the stock of Nintendo Switch had arrived.

"I went in and was bummed when the Switch wasn't in the electronics cabinet. I asked one of the guys if he had any idea about if or when they'd be coming in. He looked up the shipping info, and incredibly, the report he printed out said that a box of Switches was on the truck that was arriving as we were speaking! He was nice enough to go into the back and grab the box off the pallet. The managers and techs that work at my location couldn't be more friendly. Shout out to the guys that helped me out!"

Considering how difficult it is to find a Nintendo Switch from retailers currently, just acquiring one in general is an accomplishment. But DragonSlaayer definitely took his Nintendo Switch acquisition adventure to another level.

Hopefully the popularity of DragonSlaayer's story doesn't bring any heat down from Dave & Busters' corporate overseers, lowering the tickets earned in his favorite game. Odds are this story will drive less capable Floppy Tickets players to try their luck, earning more revenue than it would normally. Who wouldn't want to potentially win a Nintendo Switch for $50?

Source: Reddit

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