Nintendo Switch Will Support Amiibo Figures

Nintendo Switch Amiibo

Nintendo confirms that the Nintendo Switch console features Amiibo support for any Switch titles that support the popular line of toys-to-life figurines.

Shortly after announcing that the next Nintendo console would be revealed today, Nintendo made good on its promise and finally showed off the rumor-ladden Nintendo NX, which has now been officially dubbed the Nintendo Switch. The world's first look at the system showed off several scenarios that display plenty of support for mobile gaming, alongide some surprise appearances from titles like Skyrim (which may not actually be a Switch title) and Mario Kart.

Of course, Nintendo couldn't possibly show enough in 3 minutes to stifle all the questions gamers thought up of as a result of the video. Many Nintendo fans were concerned that the new Switch console may not support the Amiibo figurines many gamers have been avidly collecting, but Nintendo has now released a statement assuring fans that the Nintendo Switch "absolutely" supports Amiibo for compatible Nintendo Switch games.

The Big N also clarified that the dock was not harboring the main hardware behind the Nintendo Switch, but instead simply existed as a way to simultaneously charge the main unit and provide output support for television sets. The main unit is actually the portion that has the large LCD screen, which gamers can attach the two controllers (which are called Joy-Cons) onto. As expected, the Joy-Cons will be included along with the console when it releases in March 2017.

Nintendo Switch Third Party Support

Gamers hoping for more third party titles like Skyrim should be pleased by Nintendo's evident focus on third party content for the Switch, which means the company has evidently listened to fan concerns over lack of high profile third party content on its previous console generations. Of course, that isn't to say the usual rounds of first party content isn't on the menu: the console's debut trailer appears to have shown off a potentially open-world Mario title, although Nintendo hasn't commented further on the plumber's short appearance in the trailer.

Most Amiibo collectors had already presumed that the console would feature support for the interactive figurines, especially considering that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild looks like it will be releasing its respective Amiibo collection on March 4, which coincides with the release month of the console itself. Those still collecting Amiibo should stock up this holiday season, since the upcoming launch of a new Nintendo console is sure to make collecting those rare Amiibo an even more difficult task.

So far, Nintendo hasn't commented on if the LCD screen will feature touchscreen support, but more news of the console will certainly be forced out in the coming months. We will keep you posted as more news about the Nintendo Switch - or any Amiibo supported titles for the platform - come to light.

The Nintendo Switch will release sometime in March 2017.

Source: IGN

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