As a feature that made its debut in the previous console generation, gamers the world over have been keeping their fingers crossed in the hopes that Nintendo may finally implement an achievements system of sorts into its existing line of hardware. Despite ignoring that particularly beloved aspect of other platforms, it looks like some sort of system resembling Xbox’s Achievements and PlayStation’s Trophies formats may be in the works for Nintendo Switch.

At least, that’s according to the team behind a forthcoming indie title for the Switch known as Lichtspeer.

The studio behind the project,¬†Lichthund, recently hosted an AMA on Reddit where one user inquired as to whether there would be a leaderboard or online ranking system in the Switch version of the game. While Lichtspeer will apparently lack that feature at launch, a member of the team named Tom implied that there were hopes to add such features¬†“along the way,” before alluding to internal knowledge that Nintendo will be releasing its own Achievements system in due time.

“Nintendo doesn’t have an official support for Achievements and Leaderboards, like Sony or Microsoft, but we know that they’re working on it.”


After curious fans pried further about the information, Tom back-peddled a bit by stating¬†“Oops” prior to downplaying the comment, claiming that he believed Nintendo had “hinted it a few times”. Of course, the company has never hinted that it may be executing on such plans, which makes Tom’s answers a little more suspect. Still, it’s possible that the individual was speaking wishfully rather than factually, as the Japanese hardware manufacturer has yet to comment on the claims.

Given plans for a new Nintendo Direct presentation on September 13, it’s possible that more information on a supposed trophies system will be revealed sooner rather than later. Additionally, perhaps support for such a feature will roll out when Nintendo begins to charge a fee for access to its online contents.

For now, it will have to remain a rumor until Nintendo clarifies one way or the other.

Source: Reddit

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