Nintendo refreshed its account system landing page this week, and that means gamers can now preemptively register for the new Nintendo Account ID for the Switch.

The Nintendo Switch represents a shift in Nintendo’s overall business model for video game consoles, albeit the Switch is still a dramatic departure from its competitors. While Nintendo continues to aim for innovation over raw power in console design, however, everything we’ve learned about the Switch so far seems to point towards a system that is designed for more invested gamers, rather than one that aims to rope in a new generation of younger players at the cost of alienating some of the older crowd.

Some of the smaller changes Nintendo is making to the Switch’s online approach continue to reinforce those early impressions, too. The fact that the Switch will have a paid service is big news for those who have long endured an anemic online multiplayer offering on previous Nintendo consoles, and Nintendo continued to shift its online account services toward a more traditional model this week. Nintendo refreshed its account system landing page earlier this week, and gamers now have access to the Nintendo Account ID registration system, a new account that will be tied into the Switch’s online services and kept separate from the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS’ services.

To choose a new Nintendo Account ID, gamers need only log into the Nintendo Account website, where User ID is now included under the User Info section. Fans can then choose an ID, although there aren’t any duplicate names for the new service, so those with a specific name in mind had better hurry (for what it’s worth, Mario and Luigi are both already taken).

It might not seem like a big change, but the standardization of ID should help bolster confidence in Nintendo’s attempt at a real, earnest, and accessible online multiplayer service for the Switch. The recent Nintendo Switch UI leak demonstrated a similar philosophy, with a much more restrained and sleek user interface than those of the Wii and Wii U.

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Despite these changes, Nintendo’s Switch announcement still didn’t have the intended effect the company might have hoped for. There’s a lot of hype being generated amongst gamers themselves, but Nintendo stock still dropped after the Switch announcement, and it appears investors will need to see the console’s success before they believe it. Whether or not the combination of innovation and a more mature online approach prove to be the catalyst for Nintendo’s first big console success in quite some time, the world will know soon – the Switch releases in just a few short weeks.

TheĀ Nintendo Switch releases on March 3, 2017.

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