According to a set of leaked documents, third party video game peripheral manufacturer Hori is preparing to launch a slew of accessories for the Nintendo Switch.

The Nintendo Switch presentation on January 12th is expected to open the floodgates on Nintendo’s new console. Nintendo is expected to reveal the system’s price and release date during the presentation, as well as pull the curtain back on its initial library of games. Rumors have been swirling about what the Nintendo Switch library will entail, but if leaked accessories from third party peripheral manufacturer Hori are any indication, fans can at least count on the Switch having a fighting game in development.

According to leaked documents posted on NeoGAF, Hori is planning a pricey fight stick for the Nintendo Switch that will retail for roughly $158. While fight sticks (also known as arcade sticks) can be used for other games, most use them for fighting games, which seems to indicate that at least one is in development for the Switch.

Since Hori is already gearing up to launch its Nintendo Switch fight stick, it seems likely that the fighting game in question is planned for the console’s launch window. It’s possible it could be a port of a previously released fighting game, like Mortal Kombat X, for example, or it could be a Switch version of a yet to be released title like Injustice 2. Another possibility is Nintendo is planning on bringing one of its own fighting games, like Super Smash Bros. or Pokken Tournament, to its new system early on.

Leaked Nintendo Switch Accessories Include Fight Stick - Nintendo Switch Hori fight stick

Leaked Nintendo Switch Accessories Include Fight Stick - Hori Pad controller

In fact, Pokken Tournament seems like one of the most likely possibilities to be coming to the Nintendo Switch. A number of Wii U ports are rumored to be in development for Nintendo Switch, plus various reports mention that a Pokemon game is in the works for the new console. While many have assumed that the Pokemon game coming to Switch is an enhanced version of Pokemon Sun and Moon, it could very well be a port of Pokken Tournament instead.

Fight stick aside, Hori is looking to release quite the collection of third party Nintendo Switch accessories. Hori’s collection of Switch accessories include its own take on the Pro controller, a system and controller skin based on The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, a charging dock, a car charger, and more. While some may prefer first-party accessories over Hori’s offerings, the company is nevertheless providing early Switch adopters with plenty of products to choose from.

With Nintendo expected to have a blowout on all things Switch during the January 12th presentation, it’s likely that Hori will officially reveal its lineup of accessories not long after. In the meantime, the leaked accessories give fans a better idea of what Nintendo may have in the pipeline for its Switch console.

Nintendo Switch will release March 2017.

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