Nintendo Switch Has a 720p, Multi-Touch Screen, Says Report


A new report claims that the Nintendo Switch's portable screen will feature a 720p display and that it will be Nintendo's first capacitive multi-touch screen.

Last week's Nintendo Switch reveal trailer made it quite clear that the console is aiming to be revolutionary, but it also left a lot unsaid. A new report is now shedding some light on the system's second screen, uncovering some details Nintendo didn't reveal.

Multiple sources have reached out to Eurogamer, all indicating that the portable screen that makes the Nintendo Switch so unique will be a capacitive, 10-point multi-touch screen. While the trailer failed to make any indication that the screen would be touch-capable, it would follow in line with prior Nintendo consoles, like the Wii U and 3DS, which have also featured touch capabilities. However, if the report is true, this is the first time that a Nintendo system will feature a multi-touch screen like those found on smartphones that allow users to use multi-finger gestures to control their devices.

The reports also indicate that the screen offers a 720p display and measures at 6.2", which makes it larger than the average smartphone and the Nintendo 3DS XL, but still smaller than the average tablet's screen. While the console's capabilities when plugged into the base are currently unknown, there's a possibility that the screen displays games at a lower resolution than when playing on a TV. If this is the case, reducing the display to 720p may help to extend the battery life of the Nintendo Switch, which some have expressed concern over.


Unfortunately, no official confirmation has arrived from Nintendo regarding these reports. Nintendo previously stated that no new information would be released regarding the Nintendo Switch until 2017, when the company intends to hold an event detailing the Nintendo Switch's price and release date. Gamers will have to wait and see if Nintendo reveals that these rumors are true, but it's entirely possible that the Nintendo Switch's touchscreen is one of the things that was teased by Nintendo when it stated that the company hasn't shown everything the console has to offer.

While the Nintendo Switch trailer did build up a lot of hype, it also left many questions unanswered. Some gamers may be glad to hear that the console features the return of a touchscreen, especially since it sounds as though it will be the most technologically advanced one from Nintendo yet. However, others have criticized the system already for essentially offering a tablet as a second screen. Perhaps Nintendo chose to save the reveal of that particular feature for later, as company officials knew many might have drawn that comparison.

The Nintendo Switch is set to release in March of 2017.

Source: Eurogamer

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