Following the recent Nintendo Direct, it’s been a particularly exciting time to be a Switch gamer. In addition to major game announcements, Nintendo is also hard at work improving the Switch’s functionality, officially releasing the Switch’s 5.0 firmware update.

The 5.0 Switch firmware update comes with a wide variety of quality of life improvements for the system. Perhaps the most important of these is that Nintendo has fixed the Switch’s playtime deletion glitch. The update has also updated the suggested friend functionality to include the player’s Facebook and Twitter friends who have also linked a Switch to their social media profiles. New icons may also pop up on friend lists, as Nintendo added 24 new user icons from ARMS and Kirby.

A few improvements have also been made to the eShop’s functionality. Gamers should find that games they purchase on a computer or mobile device through the eShop begin downloading more quickly on their Switch than before. Furthermore, the Switch will automatically notify players when games they pre-purchased are downloaded and ready to be played.

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Finally, Nintendo has made some changes to the parental control system. The default system will have users enter their PIN using the controller instead of the touchscreen in order to prevent others from figuring out the PIN. Adult users can also whitelist certain games to be allowed regardless of their Switch’s rating settings, and captured videos will now be only viewable if the game’s rating falls within the Switch’s parental control restrictions.

Unfortunately, Nintendo still has some big changes to make before Switch owners are completely satisfied. While the friend suggestion update will most likely be a useful tool for players, Switch owners still lack any way of directly communicating with friends, or any method of inviting them to a game via the console. Future friend list quality of life updates are most likely being held for later to release with the Switch’s paid online service.

Nintendo has promised that the Switch will have a long lifespan, and its regular updates and Nintendo Direct announcements are strong evidence that it’s holding true to that promise. While this update isn’t everything gamers want, there’s still plenty of time for Nintendo to roll out more improvements before the biggest games of 2018 release for the Switch.

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