10 Games That Deserve Nintendo Switch Ports


Nintendo's new console could offer new ways to experience the biggest video games in a brand new way and so Game Rant has put together a Nintendo Switch port wishlist.

When the Nintendo Switch launches early next year, it will have full third-party support. While that's great news for those hoping for brand new, Switch-specific titles from some of the biggest names in the games industry, it also means that Nintendo Switch ports seem quite likely too.

The Switch would allow existing games to make use of the hardware in new ways – from its touchscreen to the fact that gamers can play its games on the go. Here are 10 games that Game Rant thinks deserve a Nintendo Switch port.

10 Rocket League

Rocket League Cross Network Play

Although games of Rocket League can get fiercely competitive, the vehicle-sports game is also an incredible amount of fun when played with friends.

The rocket-powered arena-based action would lend itself well to the Nintendo Switch's portable tablet as players could get together for local multiplayer 2v2 matches. On a TV, the Nintendo Switch's Joy-Cons would also make it easy to face-off against a friend in a splitscreen 1v1.

9 Overwatch


Another popular multiplayer title that deserve a Nintendo Switch port is Overwatch. While it would mostly give Overwatch's 20 million players an added excuse to play the game all the time, the tablet's rumored touchscreen could also allow for some interesting methods of play.

Developer Blizzard is very good at creating special game modes and many would jump at the chance to play a special event that uses that touchscreen – perhaps for a special character ability.

8 Grand Theft Auto V


With each new GTA V update giving players an extra way to build and manage their criminal empires, the Nintendo Switch's portability could just come in handy.

Co-ordinate heists in a coffee shop, wreak havoc on the people of Los Santos at lunch, steal flash vehicles during a break at work all in the name of amassing those GTA dollars.

7 Minecraft

Minecraft Crossplay: The Friendly Update - Minecraft cover

Minecraft is available on just about every other popular platform going – even the struggling Wii U and the yet to be released Microsoft HoloLens – and so it would actually be more of a surprise if didn't get a Nintendo Switch port.

The Switch's touchscreen could make building a breeze and as Minecraft allows local multiplayers servers, players could sit down with the tablets in hand and take on the blocky universe together.

6 Telltale's The Walking Dead


The Walking Dead is an episodic game of hard choices and emotional decisions. While no one wants to end up crying over said choices on the train, a plane, or a bus, plenty of gamers would love to play through the series again on the go.

As Telltale has previously brought the series to iOS and Android touchscreens, the developer may already have a good idea of what it's doing with the Switch's potable tablet in that sense. Plus, with The Walking Dead: Season Three set to skip last-generation consoles, what better way for Telltale to make up for it by bringing the series to a brand new platform?

5 Red Dead Redemption


This year, Rockstar Games released Red Dead Redemption on PS4 as well as on Xbox One (via backward compatibility) and it would be a huge shame if it didn't bring the game to the Nintendo Switch as well. Many players would jump at the chance to take on bandits, tame horses and become best of the west in the game's excellent multiplayer, on the go.

It's unclear just how likely a Red Dead Redemption Switch port is, but if it did happen then it would open the door for a Red Dead Redemption 2 Switch release as well.

4 Mass Effect Trilogy

Mass Effect: Andromeda Writer Explains How ME3 Ending Influenced Game - Female Shepard

Another game – or rather, a saga of games – with much for players to see and do is the Mass Effect trilogy. With the action spanning multiple planets, it would take players on any platform hours upon hours to see everything, blast all the bad guys and fall in love with brilliant, blue aliens.

It also means that the Mass Effect trilogy of games would prove incredibly captivating to Nintendo Switch players who travel a lot and want something to keep them occupied for ages.

3 Final Fantasy XV


Even after over a decade in development, Final Fantasy XV is still a bit of a work in progress. As solid as it is, post-launch improvements (including a story-improving patch) make the game even better. Plenty of DLC is planned for the game too.

A Final Fantasy XV game of the year edition port for the Nintendo Switch would be fabulous, if only as a reason to dig into the RPG epic and all of its new content while on the go.

2 Assassin's Creed The Ezio Collection


Assassin's Creed The Ezio Collection lets players relive some of the series' most thrilling, free-running adventures, with a fresh lick of paint. Should Ubisoft bring the collection to the Nintendo Switch all manner of new features could be added – from special touchscreen skills to local multiplayer parkour races based on the game's existing mission type.

Ubisoft is already rumored to be working on a Rabbids/Mario RPG crossover for the Nintendo Switch and the company clearly has a lot of faith in the console, so why not port some of its most well-loved games to the platform too?

1 Battlefield 1


EA recently confirmed that it is bringing a 'big' game to the Nintendo Switch. Could that game be its massively popular first-person shooter Battlefield 1?

Nothing is confirmed for now but plenty would love for the game's explosive aerial takedowns and incredible multiplayer battles to come to the new console. The ability to take down enemies alongside a fellow Switch-playing could prove to be an amazing experience.

With so many third-party companies supporting the Nintendo Switch there are many other games that could potentially be ported to the upcoming console. It will be exciting to see what developers and publishers ultimately decide to release on the platform.

Which games would you like to see released on the Nintendo Switch? Leave a comment.

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