Nintendo Sued by Ultimate Pointer over Wii Remote tech

In this day and age it is becoming more common for motion controlled video gaming to be adapted in our everyday lives. One company, Ultimate Pointer, is bent on taking down the godfather of motion control video games, Nintendo. A new lawsuit has formed over the design of the Wii Remote and its likeness to Ultimate Pointer’s Upoint laser-pointer presentation remote.

Not only has Ultimate Pointer sued Nintendo, but they are also suing other retail outlets, including Sears, Best Buy, and Game Stop. The company claims these stores have not been “authorized” to sell the Wii Remotes due to their patent that Nintendo has infringed upon.

A laser pointer and presentation system may sound largely different from what we all know as the Wii Remote and what it’s capable of, but in a court filing it explains that Ultimate Pointer owns the rights to the patent entitled:

“Easily Deployable Interactive Direct-Pointing System and Presentation Control System and Calibration Method.”

Does that sound like the Wii Remote to you?

The Upoint laser-pointer presentation remote isn’t even available to purchase yet. The Ultimate Pointer’s website claims they had conceptualized this technology in 2003, which is three years prior to the Wii’s release, but if the patent was coined before the Wii Remote and the legal jargon backs up Ultimate Pointer’s lawsuit, then it looks like Nintendo may be caught in a sticky situation.

This is not the first company to sue Nintendo over Wii technology as well.

Ultimate Pointer’s specific argument against Nintendo Japan and Nintendo America is that they have, “directly infringed the patent with the unauthorized selling of its Wii Remote hardware.

Check out the “How It Works” video from the Upoint website below:


So how much do you think Ultimate Pointer’s Upoint laser-pointer presentation remote stacks up to the Nintendo Wii Remote? The design is slightly similar, but exactly how close are the courts going to be looking at the functionality of both remotes? We’ll keep you posted.

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