Nintendo Stock Makes Huge Jump After Monster Hunter XX Switch Announcement

nintendo stock boost after monster hunter xx announcement

Capcom's reveal that Monster Hunter XX, the expanded version of Monster Hunter Generations, will be coming to the Switch has had extremely positive results for Nintendo. The announcement has resulted in a massive stock boost for Nintendo, signifying more market faith in the company's latest console.

Immediately following Capcom's announcement, Nintendo's stock rose a remarkable 5.48% to 33,510 yen, the equivalent of $300.90 per share in the US. This surpasses the short-lived jump Nintendo experienced following the announcement of Pokemon GO, when investors mistakenly believed that Nintendo was Pokemon GO's developer. Nintendo's stock hasn't been this high since back in 2008, when the company was doing exceedingly well thanks to the Wii. The good news for Monster Hunter fans benefited Capcom too, which saw a 3.97% increase in its own stock following the announcement, bringing each share to 2,573 yen, or about $23 USD.

monster hunter xx battle

Although the Switch has been selling well so far in Japan and the west, this probably means Nintendo can expect significantly more sales of the console in Japan. There has not yet been an announcement that Monster Hunter XX will be translated to English, but Capcom's involvement with the console may nonetheless provide the system a boost in the west. Part of the reason the Wii U ultimately failed to sell copies is due to a lack of involvement from third-party developers. Thankfully, the Switch announcement immediately revealed a large number of third-party developers, and this seems to resulting in much better sales than the Wii U experienced during the same time period.

After struggling to turn things around for several years with the failure of the Wii U, the good times seem to keep coming for Nintendo. Between the amiibo obsession, the NES Classic, Mario Run, and the success of the Nintendo Switch so far, it would appear that the long-time gaming company is putting its dark days behind it. It still has a long way to go if it intends to meet its goals for the fiscal year, but with successes like these, it could pull it off.

Monster Hunter XX is currently available on the Nintendo 3DS in Japan, with a release date for the Switch TBD.

Source: CNBC, Capcom

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