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One of the hot-ticket items that a number of consumers picked up this holiday season were amiibo. Nintendo's toys-to-life products have turned out to be a smash-hit, selling at least one figure for every copy of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U sold. The Big N has yet to reveal just how successful the products have been as of late, but one would assume quite well after watching the latest Nintendo Direct presentation.

Why do we say that? Because it was announced that Nintendo will continue to release amiibo based on characters from its ongoing Super Smash Bros. series, but it'll also be releasing a brand new line of Super Mario Bros. amiibo that will co-exist alongside the existing group of toys on store shelves. All together, there will be a total of 12 never-before-released figures arriving in Ninty's "Spring 2015" window, one of which is a third-party character that any gamer should recognize – Pac-Man.

The collectible statues arriving in the newly announced, Mario-centric amiibo line will feature a number of mascots that have already been released in the Smash series. Despite striking different poses, they'll all function exactly the same regardless of what compatible game they're used in. With that said, here are a pair of lists with the newly announced and upcoming amiibo:

Super Smash Bros. Series

  • Robin
  • Lucina
  • Pac-Man
  • Wario
  • Ness
  • Charizard

Super Mario Bros. Series

  • Mario
  • Luigi
  • Peach
  • Yoshi
  • Bowser
  • Toad
Nintendo Super Smash Bros amiibo

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The new look of the inanimate idols in the Super Mario Bros. lineup are definitely a lot sleeker than a number of the ones featured in the Smash Bros. set, which could entice fans waiting on some better looking collectibles, but Nintendo also took the liberty of announcing a handful of titles that'll be supporting them. Toad, for starters, will be the only toy compatible with the recently released Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, while the entire lineup of Fire Emblem fighters and their respective amiibo can be used in Code Name: S.T.E.A.M. to make them join the player's party.

Of course, one issue that many fans will have with this is that the Marth toy is currently a very hard figure to find. Fortunately, the house of Mario announced that it will be shipping out more of those particular software-compatible statues in the very near future. With that in mind, it looks as if Nintendo plans on really pushing the toys for all of its forthcoming software in some capacity.

Mario and his pals are set to arrive under the Super Mario Bros. banner on March 20, 2015, while the entirety of the newly announced Smash cast will be hitting retailers at some point in Spring 2015. There will also be a Mario Party 10 bundle offered that features one of the new Mario figurines so that gamers can participate in the newly announced 'amiibo Party Mode' found within the title. Those looking for a list of all the amiibo-compatible games can hop on over to the official Nintendo website to see how they can and will interact with current and future software.

Are you going to pick up any of these new amiibo? Which characters are you still holding out hope for? Get at us in the comments.


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