Nintendo Has A Solution For 'Zelda: Skyward Sword' Bug

Nintendo Fixes Skyward Sword Bug

Previously, a huge bug was discovered in the latest installment of the Zelda franchise, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. This upset the gaming community and worldwide Zelda fan base, but those who worked up a sweat may now sleep soundly in their beds as a patch for this inconvenient bug has now been created for Japan and soon will be seeing life in the rest of the world.

If unaware of this bug, simply put, there were a certain chain of events, that if followed in the right sequence, would render the game inoperable to complete - and force gamers to restart their entire game. Nintendo did act quickly to acknowledge this bug, but had no explanation at that time on how these unfortunate circumstances were made possible — luckily they knew how to avoid the problem. After a few weeks of troubleshooting, it looks like Nintendo has corked up this hole in one of the most beloved games of the year — find out what we said about the game in our review.

There are two possible options to patch this big bad bug up. For those with an Internet connection Nintendo has distributed a program in Japan through a new Wii Channel, which should be the case for the US and other regions. For those without an Internet connection, Nintendo would like gamers to send their SD cards or Wii system to them.

Now, the second option sounds even more inconvenient than the bug itself, but luckily for those with an Internet connection this new channel is a very simple solution. The "Zelda Data Restoration Channel" in Japan has been rolled, which goes to show Nintendo's dedication to their fans. Without this patch, as stated above, players cannot complete the game and continue with any progress.

For the rest of the world, Nintendo Support is planning the release of a program shortly and state that the Wii should be connected to the Internet for results, which points favorably to a "Zelda Data Restoration Channel" appearing worldwide.

Ranters, how well do you think Nintendo has done to provide a solution to this problem?


Source: Nintendo Support [via Andriasang]

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