E3 2015: Every 'Super Smash Bros.' Fighter Will Have an Amiibo

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Nintendo fans who watched this morning's pre-E3 Smash Bros. direct announcement video are likely jumping up and down with excitement right now. Nintendo just dropped a boatload of content (both free and for purchase) into the game. Players trying to log into Super Smash Bros. and see what we mean may run into a few server errors until the hype settles down.

In addition to revealing three new fighters (Ryu, Roy, and Lucas), new levels, and a handful of new Mii fighter costumes; the announcement also dropped some major amiibo plans. As the collector's market continues to make it increasingly difficult for shoppers to actually find the amiibo that they are looking for, Nintendo is still attempting to find a way to make the figures easier to get a hold of and saturating the market may be a part of those plans...

Nintendo's Masahiro Sakurai revealed that not only will the newly announced fighters each have their own amiibo, but that every fighter in the game will eventually have their own companion amiibo. That includes the full line-up plus at least three Mii fighters. Have a look at a few of the upcoming figures below...

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The roster of fighters seem to be ever-growing, but at this point an amiibo for every fighter would mean somewhere in the neighborhood of 51 figures. Not that the companion toys are necessary, but considering how popular all of the previous waves have been, we hope Smash Bros. fans are starting to get their wallet and their display shelves ready now...

The wave of amiibo featured above, R.O.B., Duck Hunt, Mr. Game and Watch, and Falco are all set to release sometime in September. Mr. Game and Watch is flat and comes with a number of different poses that players can apply. The Mii fighter amiibo wave will also arrive in late summer or early fall.

We know that Pit and the Wii Fit Trainer are also in production, but those two will be receiving a smaller print run. As they become available, more details and release dates will be available on the official amiibo site.

What do you think of the big amiibo plans? Will you try to collect them all? Let us know in the comments.

Check back throughout the week for more of our live E3 2015 coverage.

Super Smash Bros. is currently available and release dates for each wave of Amiibo will be announced in the near future.

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