Are Gold and Silver Mario Amiibos on the Way?

Gold and Silver Mario Amiibos

When Nintendo first unveiled their Amiibo figures, most gamers figured that the company was poised to make a killing. However, even our wildest assumptions could not have predicted how successful Amiibos would become.

Not only have Amiibos turned into priceless commodities that are as hard to find as rare antiquities, many have made large sums by selling them on eBay. Nintendo may be partly to blame for that increased demand, as some Amiibos were only ever intended to have a small production run, but that shouldn’t overshadow how popular the figures are. Even so, if the latest Amiibo rumor is true, it looks like Nintendo is ready to take the Amiibo craze to the next level.

According to a post on NeoGAF, Nintendo is manufacturing a small supply of silver and gold Mario Amiibos. The post also includes two product certificates for the silver and gold Amiibos, just in case anyone doubts the rumor’s validity.

However, because these silver and gold Amiibos are classified as rare and were never officially announced by Nintendo, it’s unclear how fans might be able to obtain them. The obvious answer is that Nintendo plans to sell them outright and once they’re sold out they’re gone. But some are speculating that these Amiibos might be a Club Nintendo reward planned to send the rewards program off with a bang.

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Nintendo did say that there would be more cool rewards for Club Nintendo members before the program dissolves, and this would certainly fit that bill. Or it might be the perfect reward for Nintendo's new loyalty program - a way to generate interest right off the bat.

Either way, there’s sure to be high demand for these gold and silver Amiibos, if only because collectors have an insatiable desire to complete their set. Just like Disney Infinity or Skylanders, once young gamers (or even older gamers, we don’t judge) get a peek at these rare Amiibos they will certainly demand them. And that’s on top of the figures, like Marth, the Wii Fit Trainer, and the Villager, that are almost impossible to find – if you don’t want to pay double or triple the retail price for them.

How do you think Nintendo should offer these silver and gold Mario Amiibos? Would you be interested in buying one or both of them?


Source: NeoGAF

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