Nintendo To Reveal A Major 3DS Title During E3 2014

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Despite being in what one might call the console’s infancy, Nintendo has already begun talking about the hardware that will inevitably follow the Wii U. While this may generate fear among the company’s console supporters, those following Nintendo’s 3DS have little to worry about. Not only is the handheld doing well in its current state, but with E3 2014 quickly approaching it looks like gamers will soon have even more reasons to get excited about gaming on the go.

Forgoing the traditional method of addressing the world of gaming in the form of a press conference, and instead opting for a stronger, more player-inclusive online presence, Nintendo has already begun hinting at exciting details for the infamous gaming expo like that of their experiments with NFC toys. It wouldn’t be E3 if there weren’t some big surprises lying in wait though. In the case of Nintendo, one of these surprises looks to be taking the guise of a mysterious Q&A event that press outlets have begun receiving invites to.

According to Kotaku, Nintendo has begun inviting members of the press to attend two special Q&A events over the course of E3. The first will focus on the company’s fighting behemoth: Super Smash Bros. Details regarding the second Q&A though, are far more vague as it is simply refered to as “a new game for 3DS.” Judging by the fact that this title will be standing at the forefront alongside what is arguably Nintendo’s most sought-after series, whatever this 3DS title is it will no doubt be something that gamers will want to add to their collection.

Metroid Wii U Retro Studios

With the knowledge that gamers will soon come face-to-face with a new mystery from Nintendo, it’s fair to prepare for the rampant speculation that will follow. Since it can be safely assumed that whatever this title is, it is something that the company is banking on being huge, it’s possible that this will be something that gamers have yet to see on the 3-dimensional handheld before. Could this be the return of Samus to her sidescrolling roots with a new Metroid? Perhaps this will instead mark the introduction of a new Nintendo IP to join the ranks of Mario and company.

Regardless of the speculation that arises in the coming weeks, it’s hard to deny that whatever Nintendo decides to show off during their Q&A series will no doubt get gamers talking. With new Pokemon remakes on the way and strong recent releases like Kirby: Triple Deluxe (check out our review), the 3DS is continuing to perform well despite any lowered projections the Wii U may face. E3 could very well present Nintendo with a turning point for their brand if they manage to prepare a strong enough showing. Only time will tell.

What do you think the mystery game for the 3DS will be? Could it be a brand new IP?


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Source: Kotaku

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