Nintendo Privacy Policy

While Sony continues to struggle with a breach that saw the account information of 77 million PlayStation Network users stolen by hackers, Nintendo is busy making changes of its own to the privacy policy for its Club Nintendo service. Club Nintendo members have been contacted recently about a new privacy policy Nintendo hopes to enact that would see even more information gathered about their online activity.

Users who don’t agree to the new privacy policy will be unable to spend any Stars in their Stars Catalogue starting May 31, 2011, and will have their membership cancelled. This seems like a steep price considering Nintendo is asking members for more access to their information, and not less.

An email to users of the Club Nintendo service seemingly takes a jab at Sony’s recent woes while restating that the additional information is going to be used only to improve the services Nintendo provides.

“At Nintendo we respect the privacy rights of our online visitors and we recognise the importance of protecting your personal details. To allow us to implement additional features on our website, to improve our products and to adapt them to our users’ needs and preferences, we need your permission to gather information about your online activities on our website and with Nintendo products. We look forward to seeing you again on our website soon, and hope you will enjoy the new generation in video gaming together with us.”

How exactly Nintendo hopes to improve its online services remains to be seen. Nintendo has been behind its competitors in the online space for quite a few years now, and there has been very little to signify that this is going to change. Nintendo has promised that online will be a big focus with its upcoming HD console, so perhaps this is the first step that the gaming giant is taking to learn more about a space it has been relatively ineffective in.

What do you think about the revision to the Club Nintendo privacy policy? Is it silly to be asking members for even more information at a time when information security is under such heavy scrutiny?

Source: MCV

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