Gamers everywhere, be them Nintendo fans or not, have been preparing to see off the end of an era when the final issue of Nintendo Power finally arrives in mailboxes and magazine racks across North America. It was confirmed back in August that Nintendo and Future were calling it quits on Nintendo Power after the Big N opted out of renewing their contract with the magazine publisher. The end of the magazine brand is a sad one for those who’ve grown attached to it over the years, but the staff at the helm of NP has made sure that the final issue is one that longtime readers will enjoy.

The final Nintendo Power is a homage to the very first issue that was released back in 1988, that featured the villainous (and oddly still absent) Wart, made entirely of clay, as he chased after Mario. The December 2012 finale for NP has replaced Wart with Bowser, but the end result is a lovingly recreated cover that makes for one of the best sendoffs imaginable for the fan-favorite gaming magazine — even more so than that tear-jerking goodbye letter.

Aside from the free poster, which is always a great incentive, it’s safe to say that gamers of every preference that have come across the Future-published monthly game journal may want to snag a copy; if only to lay claim to a significant piece of Nintendo history. Nintendo Power has remained one of the best publications in the business, and their absence will be felt long after the final issue hits store shelves.

Nintendo Power Final Issue

As gamers everywhere prepare to say good bye, Nintendo hasn’t completely dismissed the possibility of the magazine’s return at some point down the line. Even on the off chance Ninty actually decided to resurrect Nintendo Power at a later date, the times in this industry are very much changing, so it’s almost definitely the last printed issue ever.

The final issue of Nintendo Power will be arriving on newsstands on December 11.

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