Nintendo Removes Pokemon Direct Trailers, Fueling Switch Port Rumors

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Nintendo has taken down several Pokemon Sun and Moon trailers, fueling the speculation that the Nintendo Switch is getting a port. Rumors of a Nintendo Switch port for the games have been growing for several months, with this version said to be called Pokemon Star.

Earlier today, fans discovered that Nintendo has removed the Pokemon Sun and Moon trailers that aired as part of Pokemon Direct in 2016. While it appears that the Nintendo UK YouTube channel still features content from last year's presentation, the videos do not appear to be available on the Nintendo US or Nintendo Japan YouTube channels. The trailer for the game's demo, along with footage released as part of E3 2016 can still be found.

Nintendo hasn't commented on exactly why the footage has been removed from the two YouTube channels, and admittedly, if there is something wrong with the videos it seems unusual that the company has taken until now to fix it. As a result, many fans have begun to speculate that a reveal for Pokemon Star, the rumored Nintendo Switch port of Pokemon Sun and Moon, is imminent. After all, this video taken down does follow the recent discovery that the the official Pokemon website got a Pokemon Star related update.


Fans' reasoning is that the Pokemon Direct footage and the "reveal" style of those trailers could confuse people after Pokemon Star is officially announced. Those who go looking for the reveal of the Nintendo Switch game may wind up watching the reveal for the original 3DS version of Pokemon Sun and Moon instead, with no mention of the new features or improvements that may be available in the Switch version. That's mighty confusing and may be why this other footage has been taken down.

Moreover, fans point out that the reveals of Pokemon X and Y have not been removed and are still present on the YouTube channels. The reason for that, says a fan, is that "We never had an enhanced version of X & Y that could muddle the message. Typically they remove videos when things like that could happen."

Or, the take downs of these videos could be nothing and fans are just jumping to conclusions. Things will likely be made clear during the Nintendo E3 2017 presentation, where the company plans to discuss upcoming Nintendo Switch games. If Pokemon Star is being made for the platform, the company will probably make its existence known here, revealing a release date and price for the highly rumored and highly anticipated game.

Pokemon Sun and Moon are now available for Nintendo 3DS.

Source: NeoGAF

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