Nintendo Will Make An ‘Open World’ Mario Game If Fans Demand It

By | 3 years ago 

In less than a month’s time, Nintendo will be releasing Super Mario 3D World on the Wii U — hopefully igniting a spark that helps get the Wii U out of the sales slump it currently finds itself in. Despite featuring four-player co-operative play, this new title isn’t like the currently available New Super Mario Bros. U, and it effectively shifts the 2D plain into a three-dimensional world with a ton of zany new content.

While all of this will make for what fans can only assume will be a fun game (see our hands-on preview), there’s still a heavy desire for a new single-player focussed Super Mario title that’s reminiscent of Super Mario 64 or even Super Mario Sunshine. According to an interview between Gamekult and Super Mario 3D World’s producer, Yoshiaki Koizumi, the reasoning for straying away from the husky hero’s traditional 3D formula was a need for simplicity, as players allegedly didn’t know where to go in some of the plumber’s large-scale adventures.

“I don’t know if we can consider Super Mario 64 as an open world game, but I think Super Mario Sunshine is more consistent with that definition because of the city and entire worlds to explore. Our main standpoint with Super Mario is to ensure that players always know where to go. It’s for this reason that we have given great importance on the placement and visibility of the flags, particularly in Super Mario 3D World.”

With that said, Koizumi was quick to state that larger scale Super Mario titles will only resurface if there’s enough demand from “a large number of players.”

“However, if a very large number of players expressed the desire for a more open Mario, we would take that request very seriously.”

During the same interview it was confirmed that there will be no downloadable content developed for Super Mario 3D Land, so gamers intending on picking up the game later this month won’t have to be on the look out for additional worlds or items. Presumably, the lack of DLC is a combination of Nintendo pushing its internal teams to work on new software and a lack of public enthusiasm for pre-existing add-ons such as New Super Luigi U.

Would you like to see a new open world Mario game on Wii U, Ranters? Is Nintendo making a mistake by not focussing on DLC for Super Mario 3D World?

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Source: Gamekult (via VG247)