AMD states that it is supplying three new semi-custom system on chip products, fueling rumors that it’s providing parts for the PS NEO, the Nintendo NX, and the rumored Xbox upgrade.

It’s been a busy news week for the so-called “Eighth Generation” of video game consoles. News broke a few days ago of a new PlayStation 4 model, codenamed “NEO”, which was immediately followed up by reports of Microsoft testing new Xbox prototypes. Despite no confirmations about the PS NEO’s existence from Sony, and an outright denial from Xbox boss Phil Spencer about a new Xbox One console, a recent post-financials briefing from AMD has only fueled rumors regarding an upcoming line of upgraded consoles.

During its recent Q1 2016 earnings call, AMD has stated that it expects an estimated $1.5 billion in future revenue “over the next three or four years”. This future revenue will come from three new semi-custom system on chip (SOC) product “wins”, the first of which will roll out in the second half of this year. What makes this news so interesting is that AMD SOC products have primarily been the core components for gaming consoles in recent years, particularly the PlayStation 4.

With AMD stating that it has three SOC products in the pipeline, and given Sony and AMD’s strong relationship, this has only strengthened speculation that the PS NEO exists, and that it will utilize AMD components. As for where those remaining SOC products are going, there are persistent rumors suggesting that the upcoming Nintendo NX will be powered by AMD components. While there’s been much speculation over where these SOC products are headed, AMD CEO Lisa Su has remained tight-lipped on the matter.

“I don’t believe we’ve gone through any detail about what those wins are, I’d prefer to let that come out as our customers are ready to launch.”

Nintendo NX Logo

But should the Nintendo NX-AMD partnership prove to be just a mere rumor, things get even more interesting as to where the remaining SOC products are going. Speculation is rife that it will be Microsoft that will use AMD’s SOC gaming components, which isn’t too surprising given those recent upgraded Xbox rumors.

While there have been no definitive hints towards a possible Xbox-AMD partnership, keep in mind that Microsoft recently just stopped production on the Xbox 360. With production lines suddenly being freed up for new products, this makes the possibility of a new AMD-powered Xbox One upgrade that much more intriguing.

With so much speculation over a new PlayStation and a new Xbox, as well as all the hype regarding the upcoming Nintendo NX, the second half of 2016 just suddenly got much more compelling.

Source: Ars Technica