There’s new word that Nintendo’s mysterious NX console might be facing a manufacturing delay in order to ensure that the system can handle virtual reality content.

We still don’t know all that much about the Nintendo NX, and since the hardware is apparently going to be absent from E3, we might have to wait a while longer for some solid news. However, new information about the device’s manufacturing process might have let slip details of some intriguing functionality.

A report published by Digitimes this week confirms that the NX will be some kind of console-handheld hybrid, apparently sourcing the information from parties familiar with the manufacture of its component parts. Of course, it’s long been rumored that Nintendo’s next console would be based around this functionality.

However, this isn’t the biggest news to come out of the production line. Apparently, Nintendo has altered the manufacturing schedule for the console, delaying work that should be getting underway now to the beginning of next year — and that’s because the company is planning to add virtual reality support.

It’s not exactly clear how Nintendo plans to alter the NX in order to make it ready to power VR content. The report doesn’t make any reference to a headset peripheral, so it’s likely that the system is being outfitted with some extra horsepower in order to make sure that it can handle whatever is thrown at it.

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There’s also some question as to whether the manufacturing delays will hamper the console’s expected March 2017 release date. Nintendo has apparently scaled back its initial shipment target from 20 million units to around 10 million, so the reduction in quantity could mean that the proposed timeline is unaffected.

Of course, it’s worth taking this information with a generous pinch of salt. It’s difficult to determine whether the anonymous sources responsible for this information are trustworthy or not — and the NX has already given rise to some very believable hoaxes.

That being said, it wouldn’t be too much of a surprise if Nintendo was indeed planning to add VR support to the NX. Sony is already prepping a headset for the PlayStation 4, and there are rumors that Microsoft has a similar project in development, so the Japanese gaming giant would perhaps be wise to try to compete.

The NX remains shrouded in mystery and misinformation — but soon Nintendo will have to start sharing some concrete information. The big reveal might not come at E3 next month, but it seems more than likely that we’ll start hearing some news straight from the horse’s mouth before the end of 2016.

Source: Digitimes

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