Nintendo Switch Revealed in First-Ever Trailer


After a brief tease, Nintendo has pulled the curtain back on its NX console, revealing that the platform (now known as the Nintendo Switch) can be brought with players on the go.

After a ridiculous amount of rumors and hyperbole from the gaming community, Nintendo has shown off its brand new console. Following the confirmation of plans to showcase the console this morning, the Big N has made good on those promises, giving fans a glimpse of the system in all of its glory. As it turns out, rumors appear to have been rather spot on in terms of its design, which means that both handheld and home console aficionados are in for something new entirely – which is sure to be a rather exciting premise to some.

Most importantly – previously codenamed the NX – the platform will henceforth be known as the Nintendo Switch, which rings true to the newfound nature of the hardware. Additionally, a number of new games were announced for the platform, ranging from classics like Skyrim to a brand new Mario Kart. Confirmation of a brand new Super Mario title also occurred, but those hoping to catch a glimpse of the Switch in action can do so below.


The ability to take one's home gaming experience on the go is sure to be the most tantalizing premise of this new hardware, but the biggest changeup are the detachable Joy-Co controllers that clip to the side of the console and its corresponding Joy-Co Grip accessory – the latter of which acts more like a standard input device. The benefit of playing on the go, however, made itself present through the fact that players can each grab a Joy-Co clip-on and utilize it as its own remote.

Additionally, those hoping for a more traditional experience can pickup a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, which provides fans with a more traditional means of enjoying their games. Of course, those making use of this peripheral will want to sit down and enjoy their game of choice on a larger screen, which the Nintendo Switch's dock allows them to do just that.


Finally, while details on the power behind the console are slim, NVIDIA has confirmed that it is powering the tech. Utilizing a custom Tegra processor, the Switch is said to focus on scalability for the hardware, which means that the cartridge-based software will allegedly look good whether it's in its dock or out in the world.

Nintendo Switch is set to arrive in March 2017.

Will you be picking up the Nintendo Switch? Which games have you excited for it? Get at us in the comments.

Source: NVIDIA

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