Nintendo NX Release Date Revealed

Nintendo NX not like the Wii U

Nintendo finally reveal its release date for the highly-anticipated NX console, via its latest financial results that are available online as of today.

Good news for Nintendo fans today as we finally have a confirmed release date for the upcoming NX console. The bad news – it's coming next year.

This reveal comes via Nintendo's release of its latest financial results, which were posted online today. Very little information comes with the announcement, other than the launch date being confirmed as next March.

"The dedicated video game hardware codenamed "NX" is scheduled for launch in March of 2017. Its estimated hardware and software sales units are reflected in the financial forecast ending March 31, 2017, however, we are not disclosing the specific information as it is provisional."

These new details seem to shut down previous rumors, including report sthat speculated about an affordable, hand-held version of the NX being released in November 2016. That same rumor did indicate that the home console itself would release in 2017 but it seems likely that the report would have shed more light on an early release if there was one coming.

Nintendo Patents Handheld Device; Could it Be for NX? - Nintendo NX logo

We still know very little about the NX system – not even its real name has been revealed as of yet – but last year Satoru Iwata stated that the console would "change the video gaming life." In a statement, the previous Nintendo CEO claimed that expanding on existing hardware is dull and that Nintendo was looking to surprise its players with the NX.

The company is presumably quite confident in its new product, as evidenced by the fact that the system is already up for pre-order, despite no details being readily available besides the March release date. While we have no concrete details, there have been plenty of rumors surfacing about the new console which we have collected in one place for you here.

If one report can be believed, the launch titles of the NX will include porting of several Wii U titles to the new system, allowing players to access a wider range of titles right off the bat. This will certainly help to alleviate the feeling of emptiness in a new console's library that often comes with a new system launch. According to leaker Emily Rogers, the games include Super Smash Bros., Splatoon, Super Mario Maker, and The Legend of Zelda – the last of which has just been confirmed as coming to the NX console.

It's not much but it's more information than we've had in a while. Are you excited for the NX? Let us know in the comments Ranters!

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