A tipsters reports that the mysterious Nintendo NX may be capable of working in conjunction with smart phones and rival consoles, and an online survey reveals the system will run at a paltry 900p.

While Nintendo has struggled to keep its diehard fans happy (with quick-selling amiibos and Zelda E3 no-shows causing headaches for the Big N), the company continues to tantalize players with talk of the NX, leaving gamers wagging their tongues at the possibilities. While the Wii U’s successor has remained shrouded in mystery, there has been plenty of speculation on how the console will function. But thanks to two online tipsters, gamers might be getting the first solid details about Nintendo’s mystery console.

The biggest rumor comes from an unlikely source: Takashi Mochizuki, a longtime Wall Street Journal reporter. According to Mochizuki, the Nintendo NX is purported to work with non-Nintendo related peripherals, including PC’s, smartphones, and even rival consoles such as the PlayStation 4. Mochizuki claims the insider info comes courtesy of David Gibson, the Head of Research at Macquarie Capital Securities in Japan, but Gibson has not revealed his source for this info.

A previously discovered patent attributed to the Wii U showed the system using a controller featuring a touchscreen that would display on-screen gameplay, so the rumor that the system could potentially “cast” to other sources isn’t that far fetched. But since Nintendo has not said anything about the NX controller or functionality, the idea of the system casting to non-Nintendo devices could just be wild speculation.

Elsewhere, an online survey allegedly attributed to market research firm and Nintendo affiliate GFK offers more insight into the mysterious console. The survey, originally shared to Twitter by YouTuber Liam Robertson, shows info on the Nintendo NX, revealing that the system will be capable of surfing the web and making Skype-style video games. More tellingly, the survey states that the NX would support 4K/60fps video streaming, and will cap off gameplay graphics at 900p/60fps, putting the system somewhat short of the industry standard of 1080p.

The survey also mentions a subscription service for the system, with a library of over 150 constantly changing titles being offered to gamers that utilize the service. It is not clear if this would be an optional service, a la EA Access, or if this will be the primary means of getting games on the console, possibly adding credence to the rumor that the NX may not use discs at all.

While Nintendo has not spoken out on the validity of these rumors, it certainly paints an interesting picture on how the NX could function. With Nintendo shooting for a 2016 release for the platform, it remains to be seen if these rumors will prove true or if the NX will turn out to be something else entirely.

Source: IGN

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