Reddit user stimpak_vendor, who claims to work for an AAA development studio, says that the Nintendo NX uses ARM architecture and is more powerful than the PS4.

Hot off the heels of the Nintendo NX controller photos proven to be fake, a new batch of rumors for Nintendo’s upcoming system have appeared online. A Reddit user by the name of stimpak_vendor, who claims to be from an AAA game development studio of some sort, has evidently gotten his hands on a Nintendo NX development kit, and has decided to leak information on the console.

First and foremost, stimpak_vendor claims that the Nintendo NX is more powerful than the PlayStation 4, and uses ARM architecture. If this is true, then it may be smart for Sony to go ahead with the rumored PlayStation 4.5 system in order to better compete with the increased power that the Nintendo NX will reportedly bring to the table.

Stimpak_vendor also had information to share regarding the Nintendo NX’s controller. Apparently the Nintendo NX controller will have a rectangular screen instead of the oval screen seen in Nintendo’s recent controller patents. The Nintendo NX controller is said to have physical buttons with a screen behind them, as well as scroll wheel shoulder buttons. Standard ZL and ZR shoulder buttons also adorn the top of the NX controller, and a headphone jack is located on the bottom of the device.

The leaked info from stimpak_vendor points to the Nintendo NX controller being “sort of a game system in its own.” However, stimpak_vendor stops short of validating the previous rumors that the Nintendo NX will be a console/handheld hybrid device. The controller will be portable and allow users to interact with games on the go, but not to the capacity of the device being a full-fledged 3DS replacement. Stimpak_vendor compared its functionality to the VMU on the Dreamcast that allowed players to take their Sonic Adventure Chao with them on the road.

nintendo nx controller patent possiblity

Stimpak_vendor had a couple more interesting tidbits to share regarding the Nintendo NX. For example, he has doubts that the Nintendo NX will be backward compatible with Wii U or 3DS software. If the NX is in fact not backward compatible with the Wii U, then Nintendo releasing The Legend of Zelda on NX would make more sense, as the NX would need the boost for its launch library.

And finally, stimpak_vendor has stated that no one outside of Nintendo even knows what the Nintendo NX’s actual name is going to be. Looking at Nintendo’s history of naming game systems, it’s honestly anyone’s guess at this stage, but we probably won’t know until E3. It’s even possible that Nintendo itself isn’t entirely sure what the new system will be called just yet, as the company may be working to avoid the criticism it received for naming its latest system “Wii U.”

Stimpak_vendor has offered a lot of information on the rumored NX, but like all the rumors surrounding the system so far, the information should be taken with a grain of salt. Until Nintendo reveals official information about the console, the fact is that we simply won’t know for sure what it will encompass or if any of the rumors about it are true. However, the rumors about the NX so far seem mostly positive, and if the system is in fact stronger than the PS4, it could possibly be a game changer for the Big N.

Source: My Nintendo News

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