Find out why one writer wants a main series Pokemon game on a home console, and why such a game could greatly boost the sales of the upcoming Nintendo NX.

Fans have been calling for it for years: A main series Pokemon RPG on home consoles. And, for years, Nintendo has not delivered such an experience. The Big N has come close in the past during the GameCube era, but, for the most part, Nintendo’s home consoles are treated to Pokemon fighting games and RPG spin-offs that fail to capture the gameplay magic of the handheld Pokemon games.

I think the gaming world is long overdue for a main series Pokemon game on consoles. Not only would it appease longtime fans of the franchise, but it would also be a hugely beneficial financial move for Nintendo. After all, the Pokemon series sells systems, with the main series games now well over 200 million copies sold to date. Nintendo has a new console coming up, codenamed the Nintendo NX, and I think having a main series Pokemon game on it would ensure that the platform avoids the sales problems that have plagued the Wii U.

Unfortunately, Pokemon series developer Game Freak has stated in the past that there will never be a main series Pokemon game on home consoles. In my view, this stance is just plain ridiculous. I understand that Game Freak feels as though the “spirit” of Pokemon will be lost in translation to a console game, but I’m willing to bet that there are many individuals that barely even dabble with the features that Game Freak feels are only possible on handheld, such as meeting in person to trade and battle. Additionally, technology has made it possible now for Game Freak to allow people to meet up online to do these things instead.

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However, recent Nintendo NX rumors make it seem like Game Freak could still have the portability of the Pokemon series it enjoys while also having the games on a home console. Those rumors state that the Nintendo NX is portable in some fashion. Some claim that the NX controller is meant to be the successor to the 3DS, whereas others state that the NX controller is not quite a complete handheld replacement, but is still able to do things with games on the go. Simple tasks like trading Pokemon with other players seem like they would be possible if the NX rumors turn out to be true.

And if the NX controller’s portability is even more advanced than what the latest rumors indicate, players could explore the Pokemon world on their television, and take their team with them on the go (not unlike how we were able to do so in the Super Game Boy SNES days). This way, they can battle other trainers, trade Pokemon, and more – just like they already do with the traditional handheld releases. Of course, this may take some of the wind out of the sails of the Pokemon GO augmented reality game, but it’s a neat idea nevertheless.

If the fanfare surrounding Pokemon GO is any indication, Pokemon is still one of the most popular gaming franchises in the entire world, and it makes no sense to me that Nintendo is not taking advantage of its popularity in a more meaningful fashion on home consoles. I think that a main series Pokemon game on a home console would basically print money by moving hardware. In the meantime, the handheld market certainly hasn’t been neglected when it comes to main series Pokemon releases.

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Right now, there are two main series Pokemon games that have just recently been announced, in the form of Pokemon Sun and Moon. While I’m sure these will be fine games that will delight Pokemon fans, I am uncertain what else Game Freak can possibly accomplish with the Nintendo 3DS hardware. The company has already produced Pokemon X and Y along with Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire for the handheld, and those titles already seemed to take good advantage of the capabilities of the 3DS. Unless Pokemon Sun and Moon are enhanced when played on the New Nintendo 3DS, for instance, I don’t really see how the series can continue to grow on the system.

It is because of these reasons that I think a main series Pokemon game just makes sense for the Nintendo NX. It would greatly boost the sales of the system, and help Nintendo shake off the general sales disappointment that was the Wii U. If the rumors of the Nintendo NX’s portable controller turn out to be true, Game Freak wouldn’t have to cut out certain features that it loves about the franchise. And, finally, the Pokemon series will have three sets of games available on the 3DS by the time this year comes to a close, and I think home console players are well overdue for a full-fledged Pokemon journey of their own.

Would you like to see a main series Pokemon game release on the Nintendo NX? Or would you rather the series stick to its handheld roots? Sound off in the comments below and leave us your thoughts on the potential of a main series Pokemon game on the Nintendo NX.